Christina Vidal Sister: Meet Lisa Vidal And Tanya Vidal, Family Tree

Looking for Christina Vidal Sister? Meet Lisa Vidal and Tanya Vidal, two prominent members of her family. Discover their connections, relationships, and intriguing familial tree in this comprehensive article.

In Hollywood, Christina Vidal is considered an accomplished artist thanks to her work on both stage and screen.

Her most notable performances include appearances in movies such as Life with Mikey, Brink!, Freaky Friday, and See No Evil, as well as taking up significant roles like Taina on Nickelodeon or Gina Perrello on Code Black.

Likewise, Vidal’s career began after one of her teachers proposed she try out for Michael J. Fox’s Life with Mikey in 1993.

Her determination and talent helped her land the role of “Angie Vega ” making history by becoming the first Puerto Rican child actress to play a lead part in a US film.

Since then, Vidal has gone on to achieve continued success across popular television series such as Monk, ER, House and Castle, along with Being Mary Jane and Limitless.

She will appear in Amazon Freevee’s upcoming show Primo created by Shea Serrano and Michael Schur. 

The show features Vidal portraying Drea, the single mother of the protagonist. The show revolves around the life of a teenager from San Antonio who is juggling his family’s expectations, his own ambitions, and college.

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Christina Vidal Sister: Meet Lisa Vidal And Tanya Vidal

When it comes to Hollywood talent, it seems that acting runs deep within Christina Vidal’s bloodline. Her siblings, Lisa and Tanya, are also accomplished actresses with impressive resumes.

Lisa was born first in New York City on June 13th, 1965. She is recognized by audiences everywhere for her performances in popular television series such as Being Mary Jane, Third Watch, and ER.

Similarly, Tanya is the family’s middle child and has worked in various roles, such as actress, screenwriter, and film director.

Christina Vidal Sister
Lisa Vidal And Tanya Vidal are Christina Vidal’s sister (Source: BuzzFeed)

She has made significant contributions to the entertainment industry, including work on Johnson Family Vacation, Man on Fire 12 Rounds, Phone Booth, and her own short film entitled The Mosquito.

In addition, the skills she exhibited during her time in The Division as Lily from 2002 to 2003 only further her already impressive reputation.

Likewise, the Vidal sisters have collectively left a significant impact on the entertainment industry, captivating audiences with their remarkable performances and diverse contributions.

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Christina Vidal: Family Tree

Christina Vidal, born and raised in Whitestone, Queens, New York, comes from a Puerto Rican family.

Her parents, Josephine and Manny Vidal Jr. played significant roles in her upbringing. Josephine worked as a secretary, while Manny had a successful career as a tax consultant and businessman.

Similarly, Christina shares great chemistry with both of her older sisters (Tanya & Lisa), who are also active members of the entertainment industry. At the same time, she also has a brother named Christian Vidal.

Christina Vidal Sister
Christina Vidal with husband Marcus Mitchell and daughter. (Source: Distractify)

Likewise, in 2016, she tied the knot with Marcus Mitchell, a prominent actor and dancer, and the pair are parents of two children.

Further, Marcus Mitchell has appeared in notable films such as Stomp the Yard 2 and The Bobby Brown Story, showcasing his talent and versatility in the entertainment industry.

Together, Christina Vidal and Marcus Mitchell form a dynamic couple, pursuing their passions in acting and contributing to the world of entertainment with remarkable skills and dedication.

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