Colleen Ballinger Plastic Surgery Before And After Photos

In this article, learn the truth about Colleen Ballinger plastic surgery and if she has gotten any work done. With recent trending news about her, different aspects of her life and appearances have been trending. 

Best known for her online persona, “Miranda Sings,” Colleen has gained a massive following across various social media platforms. The exaggerated character made her a known personality worldwide.

Colleen has made waves as a comedian, singer, actress, and YouTube sensation throughout her professional years. But now her popularity hangs by a thread because of the ongoing accusations related to grooming.

More and more people have been sucked into reading the recent news regarding her because of her absurd video, singing with a ukulele when she addressed the ongoing rumors.

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Colleen Ballinger Plastic Surgery Before And After Photos

We’re all aware that it’s not uncommon for rumors to circulate regarding celebrities’ physical transformations and surgeries.

One such case is the alleged plastic surgery of Colleen, whose youthful facial features have left many wondering if she has gone under the knife.

That’s why “Colleen Ballinger Plastic Surgery” has been a trending search recently.

Colleen Ballinger Plastic Surgery
News related to Colleen Ballinger’s Plastic Surgery has not been confirmed yet, as her features do not have much changes over the years. (Source: Instagram)

Despite the persistent rumors, there has been no concrete proof to support these claims.

Looking at the pictures of her from her younger years and comparing them with her recent pictures, her face looks natural, and there seem to be little to no significant changes on her face.

Her facial features, including her nose, lips, and forehead, seem the same; just a little more mature and have surely changed with age.

In fact, Colleen herself has been vocal about her stance against cosmetic procedures, including Botox.

The smile lines and some wrinkles on her forehead also show the lack of botox in her face.

Similarly, her body also does not seem much different over the years. While she has been underweight most of her life, her recent weight gain gave some people the idea that she probably had some work done.

But becoming a mother multiple times has surely made her body change and become quite fuller than in her younger years.

This Reddit thread has people’s speculation about her body and shows the interest the general public has in her appearance.

As most speculated Colleen to have used implants on her breasts, once Colleen did reply to the rumors on Twitter hilariously, saying

“Laughing at comments on Instagram saying I have implants. Guys, I can’t handle a paper cut. You think I would let someone cut open my tatas?”

So, every time rumors about her getting some sort of cosmetic surgery have come up, she has always squashed them, stating them to be baseless.

Does Colleen Ballinger Have Any Tattoos On Her Body?

Another area of interest has been the question of whether Colleen Ballinger has any tattoos. Over the years, fans have speculated and debated about the possibility of hidden ink on her body. 

Contrary to popular belief, Colleen Ballinger does not have any tattoos herself. While her husband, Erik, proudly sports numerous tattoos, Colleen has remained ink-free thus far. 

Colleen Ballinger plastic surgery
While Collen’s husband has gotten tattoos, she is still tattoo free. (Source: Instagram)

However, the confusion escalated when Colleen uploaded a YouTube video titled “Getting A Tattoo.”

The title alone led fans to believe that she was finally getting inked. Naturally, this caused quite a stir among her followers, who eagerly awaited the video’s release.

When the video finally premiered, fans discovered that it was, in fact, Erik who was getting a tattoo. Colleen, on the other hand, was contemplating the idea but had not yet made the decision.

As of now, it remains a mystery whether Colleen Ballinger will eventually get a tattoo. We will have to follow her journey to see if she decides to get inked.

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