Cooper Cronk Parents Rick Cronk And Wendy Cronk: Family Tree

Who are Cooper Cronk Parents, Rick, and Wendy Cronk? Delve into the following write-up to know more about his family tree and marital life.

Australian Former professional Rugby League footballer Cooper Patrick Cronk is a heartthrob player in the 2000s and 2010s. He is well-known for his scoring ability and defense skill in the games.

Cooper mostly played for Melbourne Strom in his club career, and during his retirement phase, he was associated with Sydney Roosters in National Rugby League (NRL).

In his sixteen-year career, Cronk won four NRL premierships with Melbourne and Sydney. Similarly, he was named “Daily M Medal” the NRL’s Player of the Year in 2013. Cooper earned “Golden Boot Award” as international player of the Year in 2016.

Thirty-nine years old Cooper Cronk made his retirement as a player in 2019, and now he is coaching for his juniors at Sydney Roosters and Melbourne Storm.

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Cooper Cronk Parents, Rick Cronk, And Wendy Cronk

Cooper Cronk was born on 5 December 1983 in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia as a lovely son to his parents, Rick Cronk and Wendy Cronk.

His father, Rick, is a native of the eastern Australian Suburb, and he played for the popular local club Bondi United. Rick was a passionate Rugby player in the 1970s. Similarly, Cronk’s mother, Wendy, was also a popular athlete during her college day. 

Cooper’s father was also a player for Sydney Rooster in 1975, and his son Cooper has also played associating with the same team.

It might be a proud moment for a dad to see his son in the same Jersey and playing for the same team he used to be part of.

Cooper Cronk Parents
Cooper Cronk’s Parents are the proud parents and the initiators for him to be an athlete. (Source: Nrl)

Nick and Wendy always hold a soft spot for their children and support them at every step. Cooper has mentioned several times that his initial coach for Rugby is his father, and his mother has taught him the discipline of a sportsperson.

Cooper Cronk’s parents must be proud of him for his incredible achievements as a professional player. As Cooper has retired from his career as a player, he is enjoying his family life with his father, mother, and other family members.

Cooper Cronk Family Tree

Cooper Cronk and his parents and family grew up in Queensland, Australia. He has siblings with whom he shares his precious childhood memories.

As per the speculation of fans, it is believed that Cooper has two siblings. However, they maintained a high private life, barely seen with their brother.

Unlike Cronk, his sibling might be living a normal office worker life and spending time with family and friends.

Meanwhile, Cooper married Australian sports presenter Tara Rushton in December 2017. She is a popular journalist who previously presented the association football series Kick Off, and Sunday Shootout highlights.

Cooper and Tara are the proud parents of their adorable sons Lennox Ryder Cronk born on July 2018, and Harley Cronk, born on January 2021.

Lennox and Harley are happy doses to the family. They are frequent guests in the Instagram post and pictures of their mother, Tara.

Cooper Cronk Parents
Cooper Cronk playing with his sons, captured in the picture of Tara’s Instagram post. (Source: Instagram)

Cooper is also fond of his two sons, and he usually spends hours and days inside his house playing with his adorable kids.

Additionally, Cooper’s children are also the precious offspring of their grandparents. Cronk’s parents, Nick and Wendy, also spend time with their grandsons. 

Lennox and Harley often practice and play ball and water games with their father. It seems like two future athletes are being ready in Cronk’s family.

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