Pawn Stars Corey Harrison Girlfriend Maggie Errickson: Dating History

Dive into the love story of Corey Harrison and his girlfriend, Maggie Errickson! Join the adventure as we reveal the magic behind their bond.

Corey Harrison, an American entrepreneur and TV personality, gained fame as a cast member on the History TV series Pawn Stars.

Corey co-owned the renowned World Famous Gold & Silver Pawn Shop in Las Vegas with his father, Rick Harrison.

Harrison made a cameo appearance as himself, alongside his father, Rick, in the episode “I Lost My Head in Vegas” of the American TV series iCarly.

In 2023, Harrison, known as Big Hoss, was stopped by authorities after his white Ford F250 pickup was reportedly observed swerving on the road.

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Meet Corey Harrison’s Girlfriend Maggie Errickson

Within the colorful array of characters featured on the television series “Pawn Stars,” a curiosity arises that extends beyond the realm of antiques.

This curiosity revolves around Corey Harrison, one of the key figures on the show, and his romantic involvement with Maggie Errickson.

The buzz surrounding “Corey Harrison Girlfriend Maggie Errickson” has not merely sprung from idle speculation.

It has been fueled by glimpses into their relationship that Corey himself has shared, offering fans a peek into their personal lives amidst the glitz and glamor of television.

On various occasions, Corey has taken to his Instagram feed to showcase moments with Maggie, with captions adorned with hashtags like #happyvalentinesday and #boothang.

While the exact inception of their romantic journey remains shrouded in mystery, one concrete milestone marks their public acknowledgment.

Corey Harrison Girlfriend
Corey Harrison’s Girlfriend: Maggie Errickson is the creative director at Hosscamp LLC. (Source: Instagram)

Corey Harrison’s Girlfriend Maggie first graced his Instagram feed on February 15, 2023, sparking curiosity and admiration among their followers.

Beyond reality TV and social media, Corey and Maggie have ventured into the world of entrepreneurship together.

Corey’s entrepreneurial spirit found a creative outlet through HOSSCAMP, a fashion brand he co-founded alongside Maggie, who serves as the lead artist.

Delving deeper into Corey Harrison’s Girlfriend Maggie’s profile, her credentials paint a picture of a multifaceted professional.

As the creative director at Hosscamp LLC, her expertise extends beyond conventional boundaries.

Her skillfulness in Adobe Creative Suite is evidence of her creative talent, while her LinkedIn profile showcases a portfolio encompassing graphic design, logo design, and web design services.

Corey Harrison Girlfriend: Dating History

The intricate web of Corey Harrison’s Girlfriend and his dating history unfolds like a saga of love, loss, and the complexities of relationships.

A central figure in this narrative is his marital journey, marked by two significant unions, which ultimately dissolved.

The first chapter in Corey’s matrimonial tale commenced with his union with his high school sweetheart, Charlene, in 2009.

Their vows of eternal love echoed amidst the jubilant celebrations, yet the euphoria was short-lived.

Six years into their marriage, the echoes of wedding bells faded into the somber tones of separation as Corey and Charlene parted ways in 2015.

Corey Harrison Girlfriend
Corey Harrison was married to his ex-wife, Korina, in 2017. (Source: Review-Journal )

Undeterred by the shadows of past heartaches, Corey embarked on a new chapter of matrimony in 2017, exchanging vows with Korina.

However, the promises of forever proved elusive once more, as their marriage dissolved after merely a year.

Corey spoke candidly about their mutual affection and respect, saying that despite their love, the complexities of conflicting work schedules posed insurmountable obstacles.

Amid their marital trials, a beacon of hope emerged in the form of their son, Richard Benjamin Harrison, whose arrival heralded a new chapter of parental love and responsibility.

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