No Craig Doyle Is Not Gay, Instead Married To Wife Doon Doyle

Craig Doyle, the well-known Irish television and radio presenter, has gained a lot of attention not only for his broadcasting career but also for his personal life. Speculation and curiosity surround his relationship status, with many questioning, “Is Craig Doyle Gay?” Read on to learn about his sexual orientation and marital status.

Born on 17 December 1970, Doyle grew up in the Dublin suburb of Stillorgan and attended Blackrock College. He studied sociology and history at Maynooth and later earned a diploma in broadcast journalism from the London College of Printing.

The presenter’s broadcasting career took off when he joined BBC Radio Suffolk and then moved on to present the popular children’s show Disney Club on ITV in 1995.

He went on to host various programs, including Tomorrow’s World, Fasten Your Seatbelt, and BBC One’s Holiday. As a key member of the BBC Sport team, Doyle anchored international rugby and triathlon events.

In addition to his work with the BBC, the Ireland native established his own production company, Boxer, producing and presenting travel and celebrity programs such as The Craig Doyle Show and Ireland’s Richest.

The enterpreneur later joined ITV Sport, presenting UEFA Champions League highlights and Isle of Man TT coverage. Doyle’s presence on Irish television includes hosting shows like Tonight with Craig Doyle, The Social, and The Panel. Likewise, he has been a regular relief presenter on This Morning since 2021.

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Is Craig Doyle Gay? No! Instead, He Is Married To Wife Doon Doyle

Craig Doyle gay rumors have been spreading for many years following his great looks and friendly attitude with co-workers, whether it be male or female. However, despite speculations, he is a straight married man.

Unlike the gay rumors, the tv presenter is married to his wife Doon Doyle. Moreover, the lovebirds have been married since December 2001 and reside in County Wicklow, just outside Dublin, Ireland.

Although not much is known about Doon’s current occupation, she used to work as an interior designer. The couple’s love story began years before their marriage when they first met before Doon went to university in Ireland.

Craig Doyle Gay
Craig Doyle with his wife, Doon Doyle (Source: Facebook)

A mutual friend introduced them at a gym where Doon was working part-time. Craig was instantly captivated by Doon’s beauty and couldn’t resist pursuing a relationship with her.

The presenter fondly recalls their early dates, admitting to being nervous and even shaking Doon’s hand instead of kissing her on their third date.

Despite this slight mishap, their connection grew stronger, and they continued to date for several years before eventually tying the knot on 7th January 2002.

While Craig Doyle is often in the spotlight due to his television career, Doon prefers to lead a more private life. She supports her husband wholeheartedly and is known to be caring and affectionate.

The couple is often described as a perfect and blessed match. Although the interior designer may not seek the limelight, her presence in Craig’s life has undoubtedly brought them joy and happiness.

Craig Doyle And Doon Doyle Are Raising Four Children Together

Craig Doyle, the well-known television presenter, is not just dedicated to his career but also to his role as a father. While he tends to keep his personal life private, the tv presenter and his wife, Doon Doyle, are raising four children together.

The proud dad has expressed his love for children in previous interviews, stating his desire to have a large family. His children, Elsa, Milo, Muireann, and Quinn, hold a special place in his heart.

Although he is protective of his family’s privacy, the dad-of-four occasionally shares insights about his children and expresses his pride in being their father.

As he has emphasized in interviews, family is a top priority for Doyle. Balancing his professional commitments with his duties as a husband and father is important to him.

Craig Doyle Gay
Craig Doyle is a proud dad to his four children. (Source: Facebook)

The presenter cherishes the moments spent with his children and strives to create a loving and supportive environment. Recently, while appearing on This Morning alongside Holly Willoughby, he paid a sweet tribute to his kids.

He mentioned it was a significant day for his family as his children in Ireland were starting their Junior and Leaving Cert exams. This gesture showcased his thoughtful and loving nature.

Craig Doyle’s commitment to his family is evident, and his dedication as a loving and devoted father inspires many.

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