Cremator David Sconce Wikipedia And Age: Family Details

This article aims to delve deeper into David Sconce Wikipedia, exploring his age, family, and other details.

David Sconce’s name is one that sends a shudder down the spine of deathcare professionals, representing a dark chapter in the history of the funeral industry.

Known for his shocking practices that devolved into deception, greed, and an utter disregard for decency and law, Sconce’s actions cast a long, unsettling shadow.

More than two decades after authorities unearthed his horrifying practices, including the usage of a ceramics kiln as a makeshift crematory, his name still appears in the headlines.

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David Sconce Wikipedia And Age

David Sconce, a fourth-generation crematory owner, has a rather colorful and checkered past that ultimately led him down a path of notoriety.

Sconce was born into a lineage deeply rooted in the funeral industry. Before joining the family business, Sconce attempted several different career paths.

He was a college football player, but his athletic career didn’t turn out as planned.

After dropping out of college, Sconce worked various jobs, including a stint as a casino dealer and as a hockey stadium usher. A potential career in law enforcement was curtailed by a failed vision test with the police department.

David Sconce Wikipedia
David Sconce was born into a lineage deeply rooted in the funeral industry. (Source: Haunted Los Angeles)

At the age of 26, however, a turning point arrived. Sconce’s parents persuaded him to get his embalmer’s license and join the family business.

As of today, Sconce’s exact age isn’t readily available from the provided sources.

However, his tale, chronicled in various resources including Wikipedia, tells a disturbing story of a man whose actions tarnished his family’s legacy and the reputation of the funeral industry as a whole.

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David Sconce Family details

The family of David Sconce is deeply connected to the funeral industry, a legacy that stretches back several generations. His great-grandfather, Lawrence Lamb, was the pioneer of this lineage.

Lamb bought the Pasadena Crematorium in Altadena, California, and soon after, in 1929, he established the Lamb Funeral Home just a couple of miles away.

This venture would later become integral to Sconce’s life and influence his infamous career trajectory.

The legacy was carried forward by Laurieanne Lamb Sconce, David’s mother, and her husband, Jerry. They took the reins of the family business from Laurieanne’s father in 1985. Under their stewardship, the business continued to grow.

It was David’s parents’ influence that convinced David to get his embalmer’s license at the age of 26, a decision that marked a significant turning point in his life and the direction of the family business.

In 1986, demonstrating their entrepreneurial spirit, David Sconce and his parents expanded their operations further by establishing the Coastal International Eye and Tissue Bank.

This marked another chapter in the family’s involvement in the deathcare industry. 

David Sconce Wikipedia
The Former Lamb Funeral Home is now the Avalon Funeral Home. (Source: Haunted Los Angeles)

This event later contributed to the scandalous events that brought notoriety to the Sconce name.

Despite the family’s prominence in the industry, there’s a notable lack of information about David’s personal life and his immediate family in the media.

The identities of David’s parents, Laurieanne and Jerry, are known due to their involvement in the family business, but beyond that, specific details about his family remain scarce.

While the Sconce family’s professional history is well-documented due to their deep roots in the funeral industry, their personal lives, particularly David’s, remain largely a mystery.

\This adds an intriguing layer of ambiguity to David Sconce’s life’s already complex and controversial narrative.

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