AFL: Cyril Rioli Chest Tattoo Meanings And Designs

The AFL fans are now more and more curious about Cyril Rioli Chest tattoo. His tattoo has been capturing the attention of millions. 

Former Australian rules football player Cyril Rioli competed in the Australian Football League (AFL) for the Hawthorn Football Club.  one of his generation’s most talented and captivating players.

He played as a forward and succeeded in leaving a mark in speed, agility, and goal-scoring. Moreover, Rioli became a fan favorite after his propensity for producing scoring opportunities and explosive playing style. 

Apart from his playing style, he has gained much attention for his back tattoo. 

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Cyril Rioli Chest Tattoo Meaning And Design

Cyril Rioli is undoubtedly one of the most thrilling and accomplished players in AFL history. He has left an indelible mark on the game as a highly-skilled, agile small forward.

One defining aspect of Cyril’s identity is his distinguishable winged tattoo of a hawk on his chest which is always visible underneath his jersey. 

Cyril Rioli Chest Tattoo
Cyril Rioli showcased his tattoos after winning the AFL final in 2014. (Source: AthleticVoice)

Apart from that, he has other tattoos as well. He has engraved the word “Dad” on his right shoulder and the word “My Hero” on his left shoulder. On his back is a big and attractive tattoo of his last name, “Riollo.”

Rioli has cemented his status as one of the Hawks’ most cherished figures thanks to his dedication to the team and his contributions to their success.

He has an abstract tattoo under his biceps and a Roman number three on his forearm whose meanings are mentioned below.

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Cyril Rioli Back Tattoo Design And Meaning

Rioli’s shoulder tattoo represents his love for his father and his role in his life. He mentions him as his true mentor and his hero. However, more information on his father is not available on the Internet.

On the back, his other tattoo gestures his love and pride towards his culture and heritage, which are depicted by his surname. 

Cyril’s forearm tattoo of III represents his link up with the number three. Furthermore, Cyril’s player number 33 holds significant meaning to both him and his fans. It is the number he proudly wore on his back during his time on the field, becoming synonymous with his electrifying performances and game-changing abilities.

Cyril Rioli Chest Tattoo
Cyril Rioli loves fishing during his off-time as a footballer. (Source: Instagram)

Cyril Rioli is the personification of the Hawthorn Hawks’ principles and passion, above and beyond his own accomplishments, which might be tried to be represented by his inner-bicep abstract tattoo. 

Nonetheless, Rioli has won over the hearts of Hawthorn admirers with his dedication to the team, teammates, and fans and his great abilities. His services to the squad cemented his place as a cherished character in the club’s history.

The significance and accomplishments of Cyril Rioli will live on in the annals of both his own legacy and the lengthy history of the Hawthorn Hawks. The Hawks have a distinguished history and a devoted following and are renowned for their strong team spirit and unwavering pursuit of excellence.

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