Nova Scotia: Dana Sams Obituary And Death, Family Mourn The Loss

Dana Sam, a resident of Nova Scotia, passed away on July 23, 2023. Explore inside to learn more about Dana Sams Obituary and family. 

Dana Sams’ death leaves a vacuum in the hearts of everyone who knew him. He can make friends with everyone, whether clients, competitors in curling, fellow campers, anglers, or cottagers.

Sams was intuitively able to understand the inner workings of objects and people due to his intelligence and perceptiveness.

Furthermore, Dana had been the Chief of University Security at St. Mary’s University for several years, and he had never wavered in his dedication to the position.

Even after completing his undergraduate studies there, he remained committed. Dana left cherished memories, a friendship legacy in the community, and his professional contributions.

Lastly, Dana’s presence will be sorely missed, but those fortunate enough to have come into contact with him will always carry his spirit in their hearts.

Nova Scotia: Dana Sams Obituary And Death Cause

Dana’s premature passing on July 23, 2023, Tragically created a vacuum that would never be replaced.

Dana Sams was a man who resided in the charming town of Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, whose vibrant energy and love of life affected everyone in his vicinity.

Those who knew him will appreciate the memories he left behind in his rich tapestry of pleasure, laughing, music, and adventure.

Dana was the definition of a good friend—always there to provide support or to celebrate victories with.

Dana Sams Obituary
Dana Sams has passed away. (Source: Istock)

Sams treasured pastime of fishing, where he felt comfort and a sense of connection with nature, was the exception to his loyalty.

Further, another interest that sparked his soul was music, and he cherished the chance to converse melodies and notes with friends and other music lovers.

Moreover, for Dana, camping, cottage stays, and boating were more than just fun hobbies; they were chances to develop deep relationships with her loved ones and the natural world.

He was Chief of University Security before becoming a recognized Sales Advisor and Territory Manager due to his brilliance and intuitive temperament.

Dana had a heart of compassion that went beyond his existence. To improve the lives of others, he actively participated in several organizations.

Lastly, even though he is no longer physically here, his legacy lives on in the memories he gave us. Dana’s life showed us how important it is to nurture our loved ones, cultivate our connections, and find joy in the little things.

Let us celebrate life to the fullest, as he did, as we say goodbye to this cherished person. Dana Sams’s light will continue to shine brilliantly in our hearts for all time.

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Dana Sams Family Mourns The Loss

Dana Sams, born in Comox, British Columbia, on June 6, 1971, was reared by his parents, the late Alexander (Sandy) and Murial (Sam), in Dartmouth.

Dana tragically went suddenly unexpectedly on Sunday, July 23, following a typical, busy day of working on projects at home, leaving his family and friends in shock.

Dana Sams Obituary
Dana Sams’s family mourns his loss. (Source: BBC)

Furthermore, the foundations of Dana’s life were her family and her friends. He was fortunate to spend 27 years with Laurie Sams, his devoted wife, and his three children, Laurie, Megan, and Sam.

Moreover, Dana was highly proud of his kids and rejoiced to see them develop their talents and love for Maritime folk music. The entire family was ecstatic about Megan’s musical journey and couldn’t have been more proud of her accomplishments.

Likewise, Dana’s legacy will forever be carried forward by his sister, Wanda, and his brother, Greg, as they remember the cherished moments they spent together.

His abrupt departure has left his family in shock, and they are grieving the loss of a beloved husband, father, son, and brother with heavy hearts.

In conclusion, may the fun they had, the love they felt together, and the memories they shared with Dana comfort his loved ones during this difficult time.

May they find solace in each other and the support of those who understand their loss as they travel this trying path.

Although Dana Sams’ presence will be sorely missed, the love he shared with everyone he met will live on in the hearts of all who knew him.

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