Did Kristel Fulgar And Big Boss Break Up- Confirmed Or Rumor?

The status of Kristel Fulgar and Big Boss relationship has sparked speculation, prompting fans to question whether the couple has officially called it quits or if it’s merely a rumor.

Born on December 29, 1994, Kristel Fulgar is a prominent Filipina actress and singer recognized for her notable roles in Goin’ Bulilit and Maria Flordeluna.

Likewise, graduated in 2015 with a degree in mass communication from the University of Santo Tomas.

Notably, she later made headlines in late 2022 by signing with the South Korean agency Five Stones Entertainment.

Alongside her acting career, Fulgar actively engages with her audience through her YouTube channel, where she shares captivating music videos and vlogs.

However, what fans are most curious about is the relationship between Kristel Fulgar and Big Boss (Yohan Kim). Stay tuned as we delve further into it. 

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Kristel Fulgar And Big Boss Break Up- Confirmed Or Rumor?

As of the latest reports, there is no concrete evidence supporting the speculation surrounding the breakup of Kristel Fulgar and Big Boss, also known as Yohan Kim.

However, contrary to rumors, their relationship appears to be thriving.

Likewise, Kristel Fulgar, a versatile Filipino actress and singer, first crossed paths with Yohan Kim, a Korean CEO businessman, in 2018.

Notably, the couple officially started their journey together in 2022, coinciding with Kristel Fulgar’s signing with the South Korean agency Five Stones Entertainment, an entity owned by Yohan Kim.

Despite unfounded rumors suggesting that Yohan Kim might be leveraging their relationship for promotional purposes, Kristel Fulgar has emphatically refuted these claims.

Kristel Fulgar And Big Boss
Rumors of Kristel Fulgar And Big Boss break up are just that – rumors. (Source: Facebook)

Moreover, Kristel Fulgar asserts that her relationship with Yohan Kim is built on mutual support, where they actively contribute to each other’s personal and professional growth. 

Similarly, their partnership is characterized by a collaborative effort towards individual and collective success, while also jointly pursuing shared aspirations and dreams.

Addressing the issue, Kristel denied the allegations during an interview and highlighted the significant improvement in trust, respect, and overall dynamics within their relationship.

In essence, the available information suggests that any breakup rumors circulating are unfounded, and Kristel Fulgar and Big Boss continue to build a strong and supportive connection.

Kristel Fulgar And Big Boss Relationship Timeline

Kristel Fulgar and Yohan Kim, also known as “Big Boss,” embarked on their romantic journey in 2022, with a timeline that reflects the evolution of their relationship:

Notably, their initial encounter occurred in October 2018 at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport during separate trips.

Moreover, the sparks ignited, leading to a significant milestone in 2021 when Kristel Fulgar publicly confirmed her relationship with Yohan Kim through a heartfelt social media post.

Similarly, the year 2022 witnessed another noteworthy development as Kristel Fulgar signed with the South Korean agency Five Stones Entertainment, owned by Yohan Kim.

Furthermore, this professional collaboration further intertwined their personal and career trajectories.

Kristel Fulgar And Big Boss
Kristel Fulgar and Big Boss have been in a relationship since 2022. (Source: Instagram)

By January 2023, Kristel Fulgar delved into the details of her relationship with Yohan Kim during an appearance on PEP Live, providing insights into the real dynamics of their connection.

Nonetheless, as the couple navigated the public eye, they confronted speculations head-on.

Likewise, in November 2023, Kristel Fulgar utilized TikTok to debunk a netizen’s claim that Yohan Kim was exploiting their relationship to promote his skincare brand, Face Republic.

Throughout their journey, Kristel Fulgar and Big Boss have maintained transparency about their relationship, openly addressing rumors and supporting each other.

Additionally, their commitment to each other’s personal and career growth remains evident, fostering a relationship grounded in mutual encouragement and shared aspirations.

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