Who Is Dishaye Stevenson Husband Michael Smith? Domestic Violence

Who is Dishaye Stevenson husband? Get to know about the martial life of the Texas Dallas women.

Dishaye Stevenson was a resident of Dallas, Texas, and was an entrepreneur.

Dishaye was a vibrant lady who loved to be with her family and friends and cherished them the most. Similarly, she was also a family person who lived with her husband in Texas.

But, now, the lady is no more with us. Dishaye Stevenson was tragically shot to death by her spouse at the intersection of Melinda Lane and Murdick Road in Dallas, Texas, on 25 October 2023.

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Dishaye Stevenson Husband Michael Smith: A Family Man Or The Murderer

Dishaye Stevenson was married to Michael Smith on 24 May 2021. The couple had a court marriage that year.

After being together in a legal marital relationship for over a year, the couple celebrated their marriage on 13 September 2022.

Through her Instagram account, Dishaye announced her marriage ceremony and mentioned her as the luckiest girl of the work to have a wonderful husband.

Dishaye Stevenson husband, Smith, is a Florida native, and he is also an entrepreneur. Together, Dishaye and Smith ran a clothing brand, Shaymon3y Purses & More LLC.

On his social media account, which Smith goes by, Shaymoney TheStallion often posts pictures about the company’s new clothes lunch, charities, and other programs.

Further professional details of Dishaye Stevenson husband are private. However, his relationship with Dishaye is well available on the social media handles of Dishaye Stevenson.

Dishaye Stevenson Husband
Dishaye Stevenson husband, Michael Smith, is accused of murdering her with a gunshot. (Source: Facebook)

The couple seemed to be an adorable and loving pair. Dishaye often posted moments with her husband.

She was the most loving wife. Celebrating Michael Smith’s birthday, providing him with surprise gifts, and organizing surprise parties, she did all the things for her beloved husband.

But it might not be the same for Michael Smith. After the death of Dishaye Stevenson, law enforcement officials have classified this incident as a case of domestic violence.

Furthermore, preliminary reports suggest that Dishaye was allegedly shot and killed by her husband, Michael Smith.

Dishaye Stevenson often posts family pictures and considers himself the luckiest person to have a wife like Dishaye and a wonderful family.

However, it is claimed that he is an aggressive person who is short-tempered, and this caused the death of Dishaye Stevenson. Further authentic information is yet to come.

Dishaye Stevenson Death Case: Domestic Violence

Dishaye Stevenson was found dead at the intersection of Melinda Lane and Murdock Road in Dallas, Texas.

Dishaye was tragically shot to death, and the preliminary report claimed that it was caused by domestic violence and the abuser was her husband, Michael Smith.

Police and legal bodies have reported that this is a case of domestic violence and are waiting for a warrant to enter Michael Smith’s residence.

According to the neighbours, Dishaye Stevenson husband, Michael Smith, was in his residence at present, and there is no sign of fleed or other questionable activities.

Dishaye Stevenson Husband
Dishaye Stevenson and Smith were tied in a marital relationship for more than two years. (Source: Instagram)

Smith’s family reported to the police that he is in profound grief with the loss of his wife.

In order to find the real reason and the main culprit of Dishaye’s death, the Dallas police department is actively involved in investigating this shooting.

Further information about the case will be released to the public after the suspect is apprehended and the investigation concludes.

Dishaye Stevenson’s death, a heartbreaking event, underscores the critical need to address domestic violence and its devastating impact on our communities.

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