Heartstopper: Does Rhea Norwood Have A Sister Or Brother? Siblings Details

Netflix comedy-drama series Heartstopper season two is airing on 3, August 2023, with more fun and rollercoaster emotions for the audience. The trailer has drawn the audience’s attention to Imogen. This write-up is all about Rhea Norwood’s siblings and family details. 

Rhea Margaret Norwood is an English actress best known for her role as Imogen Heaney in the Netflix teen series Heartstopper

Furthermore, twenty-two years old actress also appeared in movies and tv shows, including Killing Them With Kindness as Amiee and Consent, where she portrayed the role of Alice.

Besides her acting career, Rhea is a singer, songwriter, and activist. As an environmental activist, Rhea Norwood advocates for the environmental deterioration caused by rapid development. 

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Does Rhea Norwood Have A Sister Or Brother? Siblings Details

Rhea Norwood was born in Kingston, London, England. She grew up in the neighborhood of Kingston, along with her sibling.

Although Rhea barely posts pictures of her with her siblings, we discovered that she has an older brother, James Norwood, who turned 23 in 2023.

Rumors of Rhea having a sister had flared repeatedly, but it is pretty clear that the actress does not have a sibling sister.

Moreover, she is close to her brother, and the Norwood siblings share a special bond. Rhea is private regarding her matters; she has only once mentioned her having a brother on her Twitter account- the account is now no more. 

Aside from mentioning her brother’s existence and name, the actress maintains a personal bond with her elder brother.

Rhea Norwood
Rhea Norwood is the adorable younger sister to her brother James Norwood. (Source: Instagram)

Having an elder brother by her must be well for Rhea as she can share her sorrow and uneasiness with her siblings, who are just one year older than her. 

Their age gap made Rhea and James more like friends from the same house. Similarly, Rhea once mentioned that she and her brothers are the adventurous duo of the house and love to experience new things and events.

Rhea Norwood’s Parents And Family Details 

Born on 3 June 2001, Rhea Margeret Norwood is the youngest daughter of her mother, Catherine Norwood, and father, Stephen Norwood.

The actress has cut off her access to her Twitter account as she deactivated it. However, in 2020 she mentioned her mother in several tweets.

Rhea had shared many appreciation notes and statements with her mother several times. From wishing her birthday and mothers Day to spending her leisure time with her mother, Rhea is a lovely daughter for Catherine.

Meanwhile, there are no details about Rhea’s father. She is yet to mention her father in her social media and make her father included in her social media life. 

Rhea’s father might enjoy a private life supporting his daughter from behind the camera. Furthermore, Mr. and Mrs. Norwood must be proud of their youngest girl for achieving name and fame at such young age.

Rhea Norwood’s family also defends her if any unfortunate disputes fall on the actress.

Inspecting more into the personal life of Rhea Norwood, it seems like the actress and singer is yet to be in a romantic relationship with anyone.

Rhea does have numerous friends; on her Instagram account, she often posts pictures of hanging out with her friends. We can see many of her friends, including males, but Rhea’s heart is not connected to any of them.

Rhea Norwood
Rhea Norwood enjoys her days and works with her precious friends. (Source: Instagram)

Rhea Norwood’s pronouns are identified as she/her. Thus, fans are expecting that twenty-two years old Rhea might be in an intimate commitment with a boy. However, there is not any hind regarding it.

Currently, the actress is busy shaping her stable career and improving her acting and performing skills. 

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