Who Are Douglas Palermo And Lynn Hutchings? Olivia Palermo Parents

Olivia Palermo parents, Douglas Palermo and Lynn Hutchings, are sought-after players in the field of business. Her father is a real estate developer, while her mother is a famous interior designer.

Olivia Palermo is an American socialite, fashion influencer, model, and entrepreneur born in a wealthy family.

She had a passion for styling at a very young age and pursued it as an interest before making it her professional carer. Her participation in the reality TV show “The City” gained immense popularity, paving her way in the fashion industry.

The socialite is now recognized for her unique style and ability to mix various high-end fashion pieces, and she has collaborated with numerous brands as a style ambassador. She has also appeared on the covers of various fashion magazines.

Apart from her work in the fashion industry, she has launched her fashion and lifestyle website called OliviaPalermo.com, where she shares various fashion and lifestyle content with her beauty products.

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Who Are Douglas Palermo And Lynn Hutchings? Olivia Palermo Parents

Olivia Palmero was born to her parents, Douglas Palermo and Lynn Hutchings, on February 28, 1986, in Greenwich, Connecticut.

Her father, Douglas Palmero, is a real estate developer, while her mother, Lynn Hutchings, is an accomplished interior designer.

Olivia Palermo parents met for the first time at a real estate interior design project and soon became inseparable.

Olivia Palermo Parents
Olivia Palermo Parents. (Source: Daily Mail)

The influencer grew up in a loving and supportive environment that nurtured her creativity and allowed her to explore herself.

She was further provided with the best access to education and opportunities by her parents.

Olivia Palermo parents success in their respective fields inspired her to do something of her own from a young age. She greatly credits their support and cherishes the encouragement they gave her.

She maintains a close relationship with her parents and is often pictured together on various holidays and vacations.

The 37-year-old considers them the pillars of her success and appreciates their unwavering support and encouragement.

Who Is Johannes Huebl? Olivia Palermo Husband

Olivia Palermo’s husband, Johannes Huebl, is a German-born model and a social media influencer who has worked for various high-end fashion brands like Ralph Lauren, Hugo Boss, Banana Republic, and Donna Karen.

In addition to these brands, he has worked as a model for various fashion magazines, including Vanity Fair, GQ, and Harper’s Bazaar.

His success has also been extended to the cover pages of magazines like Vogue, Elle, and Marie Claire.

Olivia Palermo Parents
Olivia Palermo with her husband, Johannes Huebl. (Source: POPSUGAR)

His multifaceted personality does not end here. He is also a  photography enthusiast, working with Mr. Porter’s Style Council as a photographer in 2013 alongside English rapper Tinie Tempah.

The model duo has been married for almost a decade. They married in an intimate ceremony in 2014 after a six-year-long relationship.

The two are considered a power couple in the fashion industry and have collaborated with various brands.

They spend quality time together and miss no chance to show each other off on social media. In a time when relationships are often short-lived, they are seen as an inspiration to young lovers in and out of the fashion industry.

Olivia Palermo Religion And Ethnicity

Olivia follows Christianity as her religion. She believes in Jesus and celebrates all the festivities of Christianity.

However, faith or religion is a free choice and personal preference. Olivia also has not explicitly declared her religion as she prefers to keep her faith private, which should be respected.

Olivia is of American-Italian ethnicity. Both of Olivia Palermo parents were born and raised in America. She gets her Italian descent from her great-grandparents. 

Olivia Palermo
Olivia Palermo is a devout Christian. (Source: Instagram)

Her great-grandfather was Nicholas Matthew Palermo, who was an Italian. Similarly, her great-grandmother, Albina, is either Italian or French, depending on the census of those years.

The Actress is very vocal about her family background and knows her roots. She enjoys being both American and Italian. She has the utmost appreciation and respect for both ethnicity and their practices.

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