Emily Sanderson Obituary: Meet The Sheffield Woman Murderer Mark Nicholls

Emily Sanderson obituary is floating around all over the internet and news portals after a man named Mark Nicholls has been taken into custody for the crime of murder following the tragic discovery of the lifeless body of Emily Sanderson.

Emily Sanderson, a 48-year-old woman, was found dead at a residence in Hillsborough, Sheffield, last Tuesday.

The 48-year-old woman had been missing for 11 days, causing great distress to her family. She was originally from Leeds but had been currently living in the Sheffield area.

Sanderson was last seen at a family funeral on Friday, May 19. After she became contactless, her loved ones officially reported her disappearance to South Yorkshire police on May 25.

Unfortunately, after five days of the search, Emily’s deceased body was found inside a residence in Sheffield.

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Emily Sanderson Obituary And Death

The 48-year-old Emily Sanderson’s body was discovered in the Crofton Avenue, Hillsborough area of the city last Tuesday after reportedly being missing for 11 long days.

Sanderson left home on May 19 to attend a family funeral, and after that, she was not seen anywhere or by anyone for the next 11 days. Her family reported her disappearance after she became contactless for days.

Detective Chief Inspector Andrea Bowell, who was heading the investigation, informed the public that Sanderson was reported missing on Thursday, 25 May, after her family didn’t hear from her since Friday, 19 May.

And after 11 days of searching and investigation, the Chief Inspector revealed that Emily’s body was discovered inside a property on Crofton Avenue at noon on Tuesday, 30 May. 

Later that day, her body was taken for forensic postmortem examination, revealing her death from head injuries. 

Emily Sanderson Obituary
Emily Sanderson, 48, was found dead in the Hillsborough after going missing for 11 days. (Source: Evening Standard)

The property at Crofton Avenue, where the body was found, has also undergone extensive forensic examination to gather the necessary evidence and determine what triggered the event.

The event was shocking and devastating for the deceased’s family, who had been hoping for her safe return. Her family reported her missing after realizing she had not been seen or heard from since the funeral.

Emily’s demise has wholly shattered her family and her friends, and her untimely death in such a tragic manner broke them all.

The authorities are conducting inquiries to gather necessary clues regarding the incident, maintaining the dignity of the deceased and the deceased’s family. 

In addition, the Chief inspector also stated that he would like to emphasize her family’s request for privacy as they grieve this tragic loss.

Meet The Sheffield Woman Emily Sanderson Murderer Mark Nicholls

Mark Nicholls, a 43-year-old man, was arrested by South Yorkshire Police on Friday, June 2,  and charged with murder on Saturday.

He is charged with the murder of 48-year-old Emily Sanderson, who was found dead in Sheffield 11 days after she had gone missing.

Along with the suspect, a 40-year-old woman was also arrested by police on Wednesday, 31 May, on suspicion of assisting offenders. She currently remains on police bail.

The suspect, Nicholls, who resides in Crofton Avenue, is in police custody and will appear before the court on June 5. He will be produced at Sheffield magistrates court to determine his guilt.

Emily Sanderson Obituary
Crofton Avenue, Hillsborough area, where Emily Sanderson was found dead. (Source: BBC News)

If found guilty, the 43-year-old will face a capital punishment of life imprisonment.

As for now, nothing is known about what happened between May 19 and May 30. As the investigating authorities try to piece together this terrible loss of life, they may contact anyone who might have known where Emily was at the time.

Concerning the investigation, Sheffield residents living close to Crofton Avenue are also being asked to review their  CCTV recordings to understand Emily’s actions better.

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