Eriq Zavaleta Parents: Father Carlos And Mom Kristi Zavaleta

Soccer fans often search for Eriq Zavaleta parents, father Carlos and mom Kristi Zavaleta as the player is gaining more and more popularity for his gameplay.

Born on August 2, 1992, Eriq Anthony Zavaleta is a professional footballer who plays as a centre-back for Major League Soccer club LA Galaxy. 

He has played for several American soccer clubs like, IMG Soccer Academy from 2008 to 2009, FV Pride from 2009 to 2010 and Real Salt Lake from 2010 to 2011. 

Zavaleta also played for Chivas USA in 2011 and Columbus Crew in 2011. As a college student, he played college football for Indiana Hoosiers from 2011 to 2012. 

Pursuing his father’s footsteps, the soccer player has represented the El Salvador national team since 2021.

Who are Eriq Zavaleta parents? Keep reading the article to know more about his family.

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Eriq Zavaleta Parents: Father Carlos And Mom Kristi Zavaleta

Zavaleta is the son of Carlos and Kristi Zavaleta. Carlos and Kristi raised him with his sister, Alexa and brother, Casey, in Indiana, United States.

Regarding his father, Carlos is a former football player and represented the Central American country at the youth level. He was also a member of the El Salvador national team. 

After moving to the United States, his father played for UCLA, the Los Angeles Skyhawks and California Sunshine in the American soccer league and Phoenix Inferno.

Later Carlos retired from his active football career and took up coaching. According to his LinkedIn profile, he currently runs the Indiana Soccer Academy.

Eriq Zavaleta parents
Eriq Zavaleta’s father, Carlos is a former football player and runs the Indiana Soccer Academy. (Source: Instagram)

Moving on, his mother, Kristi, also comes from a family of players. She is the sister of Greg Vanney, a former American soccer player and the head coach of the LA Galaxy in Major League Soccer.

Eriq’s father, Carlos, also coached Greg Vanney, his uncle who currently coaches him at the LA Galaxy in Major League Soccer. He has had several role models growing up in his own family.

However, unlike his father, his mother is a simple woman who dedicated her life to looking after her kids, home and family. 

She was an emotional supporter and stood behind her husband and children through all highs and lows.

Moreover, the centre-back has made his parents tremendously proud of his achievements.

Carlos has often mentioned that he remembers himself playing wherever he sees his son play on the ground. 

Eriq Zavaleta Family Ethnicity And Religion

While many may assume Zavaleta’s ethnicity is American, he has mixed ethnicity. 

His father, Carlos, was born in EL Salvador but moved to the US with his family when he was 18.

On the other hand, the player’s mother, Kristi, is from South Boston, Virginia and has American ethnicity.

Hence, the MLS player belongs to the American-Salvadoran ethnicity. 

Eriq Zavaleta was born in Westfield, Indiana, United States but holds dual nationality. He has both American and Salvadoran nationality. 

Eriq Zavaleta parents
Eriq Zavaleta belongs to the American-Salvadoran ethnicity. (Source: Facebook)

Born in the States, Zavaleta played mostly for several American clubs, but he also plays in the national team of El Salvador. 

He has kept pride in representing both communities and playing for both. Such humility comes from his father, who never let him forget his roots and encouraged him to embrace his surroundings.

Both Zavaleta’s father and son have inspired people of their ethnicity and continue to do so.

Additionally, the soccer player has not expressly mentioned anything about his religion but is a Christian and follows Christianity.

Moreover, Eriq puts faith in Christ and finds a way back to remember him in his good and bad times. He also celebrates all the Christian festivities.

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