Eva Orue Wikipedia And Edad (Age): Pareja (partner) And Family

Being one of the most important people in Spain, facts about Eva Orue Wikipedia, her edad (age), her partner, and her family are something that has been attracting the attention of many people.

Eva Orue is a highly acknowledged and respected radio, press, and television journalist in Spain. She is also a major figure in Spanish-Literature.

She is also the author of several books, including Russia en la Encrucijada, which translates to Russia at the Crossroads, Padres e Hijos, and La Segunda Oportunidad

Her contributions and determination in this field have established Eva as the most admired personality in her hometown.

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Eva Orue Wikipedia And Edad (Age)

The first woman to become Director of the Madrid Book Fair, Eva Orue, has established herself as a prestigious woman in journalism and literature.

Her eagerness to do better and learn more has still not decreased even after reaching her 60s.

Born in Zaragoza, a city in Spain, Orue has a really long career in journalism. She has worked in several news, general tv shows and radio, and has been actively writing press articles.

The acclaimed journalist has been a correspondent in France, The United Kingdom, and Russia. 

Eva Orue Wikipedia
Eva Orue is a highly acclaimed journalist in Spain. (Source: Vanity Fair)

During her time working as a press correspondent for almost ten years, Eva felt a clear difference between men and women. In those days, all women were single, and men were allowed to travel with their families.

After that, Eve returned to her homeland and co-directed a communication agency and started collaborating with various media and book authors.

Moreover, throughout her professional career, she has been in prestigious posts and has courageously handled the pressure.

Until her appointment as the director of the Madrid Book Fair, she co-directed Ingenio de Divertinajes, a communications and content agency, from where she worked with authors, publishers, bookshops, as well NGOs. 

Talking about her academic background, she is a Journalism graduate from the University of Autónoma de Barcelona.

Who Is Eva Orue Pareja (partner)?

Because of her popularity, details about Eva Orue partner have always been a topic of curiosity among fans. 

Though Eva has not openly talked about her partner in public media, it can be speculated that they indeed are in a healthy relationship.

Often, Eva is seen talking about her partner’s similar interests to her like not playing football, or values relating to sustainability and diversity.

Her joint collaboration with Sara Gutierrez, also an author, for co-writing a book has raised potential questions about their relationships. 

Eva Orue partner
Sara Gutierrez is also an author popular in Spain. (Source: elCorreoGallego)

Fans have been speculating that after the interview with Sara and Eva about their book, there might be something between them.

Though, Eva has confirmed that she has not shared her marriage vows with her lover.

Eva Orue Family Details

This popular author has not been very vocal about her relationships with her family. 

Due to privacy concerns, she has always stayed away from exposing the details about her father and mother.

Eva is born to Spanish descent parents and always had keen respect for Spanish heritage and literature growing up.

The interest and this respect passed down to her by her parents are truly a reason Eva Orue is The Eva Orue we know now.

Eva Orue parents
Eva Orue has not revealed any personal details regarding her parents. (Source: El Mundo)

Despite the limited information available about her parents, it is evident that they provide her with tremendous support and courage. 

Their unwavering presence, even in times of difficulty, has truly given Eva the confidence to chase her dreams.

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