FBG Duck Death Video Viral: Carlton D Weekly Murder Trial

FBG Duck Death Video has caught the attention of everyone almost four years after his demise as the convicts have recently been arrested.

FBG Duck, born Carlton D. Weekly, was a Chicago-based rapper recognized for contributing to the city’s drill music scene.

Born on December 6, 1993, in Chicago, Illinois, he was affiliated with several record labels, including CLOUT BOYS ENT., Columbia Records, and Boss Of Bosses LLC.

Tragically, FBG Duck passed away on August 4, 2020, in Chicago’s Gold Coast area.

His tracks, such as “Slide” and “Exposing Me,” gained widespread attention on platforms like YouTube, portraying the harsh realities of street life and community challenges.

FBG Duck’s untimely demise resulted from a shooting incident, drawing significant media coverage.

Recently, six reputed gang members were convicted of his murder after a trial lasting more than three months, bringing renewed attention to the tragic loss of the talented rapper.

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FBG Duck Death Video Viral: Carlton D Weekly Murder Trial

Six reputed gang members were convicted after a trial lasting over three months for the murder of Chicago rapper FBG Duck, who died in the Gold Coast neighborhood in 2020.

The shooting, linked to a South Side gang war fueled by social media and rap “diss tracks,” resulted in FBG Duck’s death and severe injuries to another man and woman.

FBG Duck Death Video
Six gang members were convicted of FBG Duck’s murder after a trial lasting more than three months (Source: NBC Chicago)

Federal prosecutors asserted their involvement in a South Side gang that utilized music and social media to incite violence, particularly FBG Duck’s murder.

Surveillance and social media videos were crucial in linking the suspects to the crime.

The convicted individuals, including Charles Liggins, Kenneth Roberson, Christopher Thomas, Marcus Smart, Tacarlos Offerd, and Ralph Turpin, face charges such as murder in furtherance of a racketeering scheme.

FBG Duck’s mother expressed gratitude to the government for ensuring justice for her son, emphasizing the prevention of further harm.

The defense is likely to appeal the convictions, with sentencing scheduled for August and September, carrying mandatory life sentences for the defendants.

In a separate account, the federal jury’s swift verdict, reached after two days of deliberation, concluded a trial marked by delays lasting over three months.

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FBG Duck Girlfriend: Was FBG Duck Married?

FBG Duck, born Carlton Weekly, was fatally shot in an alleged gang-related incident in August 2020. The rapper had an enduring relationship with India Royale.

Tragically, when Duck was shot, his girlfriend and another shopper were also injured. 

While the couple never publicly disclosed their marital status, their strong commitment to one another was evident, and they had a child together.

She played a pivotal role in his life, providing love and support while being an affectionate mother to their child.

The specifics of their relationship were kept confidential, with occasional glimpses of their profound connection shared on social media.

Sadly, FBG Duck’s life was abruptly ended in 2020 due to a fatal shooting in Chicago, leaving behind a mourning family and partner.

FBG Duck Death Video
FBG Duck was in a relationship with a social media influencer named India Royale (Source: Instagram)

The shooting was linked to a prolonged gang conflict between Duck’s faction of the Gangster Disciples and the rival O Block set of the Black Disciples.

Charles Liggins, identified as an alleged shooter, was found guilty on five of seven counts, including murder and conspiracy.

Kenneth Roberson, an alleged getaway driver, was also convicted on similar counts.

Another alleged getaway driver, Tacarlos Offerd, faced convictions related to the shooting and injuries.

The conflict, intensified by drill rap diss tracks between FBG Duck and King Von, eventually led to the violent demise of both artists.

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