Hayley Erbert Wikipedia And Age: Car Accident Update 2023

Explore the most recent information on Hayley Erbert Wikipedia, including details about her age. Stay up-to-date concerning the 2023 car accident involving her.

Hayley Erbert, renowned for her skills in dance and acting, gained fame through the reality series ‘So You Think You Can Dance.’

Since the 21st season in 2018, Hayley has been widely recognized for her role as a troupe dancer on the immensely popular TV show ‘Dancing with the Stars.’

In her modeling career, she achieved notable success, securing the runner-up position in the Miss Teen USA pageant as Miss Kansas.

Hayley’s talents extended to high-profile performances, including appearances at the 2015 Billboard Music Awards and the Disneyland 60th Anniversary TV Special, both broadcast on ABC.

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Hayley Erbert Wikipedia And Age

As of Hayley Erbert Wikipedia And Age; she is 29 years old hailing from Topekam, Kansas, USA.

Hayley Erbert’s comprehensive training spans across all styles of dance, with a particular prowess in contemporary dance garnering her numerous national titles and accolades.

Supported by her parents, who recognized her passion, Hayley also explored gymnastics briefly before fully dedicating herself to her true love for dance.

The spotlight on Hayley intensified when she showcased her exceptional talents on a global stage by participating in the iconic Dancing with the Stars in 2018.

Her notable appearances on shows like ‘Nia Sioux: Star of Your Own Life,’ ‘To the Pointe with Kristyn Burtt,’ and ‘Good Morning America’ further solidified her presence in the entertainment industry.

Beyond her performances, Hayley has shared her expertise by teaching at conventions and classes across the United States.

Hayley Erbert Wikipedia
Hayley Erbert Wikipedia: She got married to Derek Hough in 2023. (Source: Instagram)

She expanded her footprint in the entertainment world with appearances in the film “Ted 2” and the television show “Todrick.”

Additionally, she became a familiar face on three Dancing with the Stars: Live! North American tours and took on the role of mentor to Kameron Couch.

Aside from her flourishing career, Hayley is renowned as the spouse of Derek Hough, a distinguished American dancer and choreographer.

Their paths crossed while performing as stars on “Move Live On Tour,” and in 2015, their connection evolved into a romantic relationship.

The culmination of their love story occurred in 2023, when the couple exchanged vows. Since then, they have become a fixture at various events and occasions, showcasing their harmonious partnership.

Hayley Erbert Car Accident Update In 2023

On December 12, 2022, Hayley Erbert and her husband, Derek Hough, found themselves in a harrowing car accident, as shared by Erbert in an Instagram video.

The incident occurred in mountainous terrain and involved a combination of challenging factors: a steep hill, icy roads, and an encounter with a tree.

The couple vividly conveyed the fear they experienced, particularly the apprehension of sliding off the mountain.

The video showcases the damage to their car, their visit to the emergency room, and receiving stitches on her forehead.

Hayley Erbert Wikipedia
Hayley Erbert Wikipedia: She has fully recovered from their scary car accident. (Source: Instagram)

Despite the frightening ordeal, the couple, after their medical attention, decided to treat themselves to snacks, demonstrating resilience.

Derek Hough shared that the “scariest part” of the incident for him was Hayley Erbert’s immediate reaction, which she, interestingly, cannot recall now.

He recounted her initial response as a blend of dazed confusion and surprising cheerfulness, suggesting they should proceed with their dinner plans even as blood ran down her face.

As of 2023, both Hayley and Derek are reported to be in good health, thriving, and seemingly enjoying their married life together.

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