Fact Check: Is Adam Hughes, Becky Hill Brother? Family Tree

With a sweet post wishing her brother Happy Birthday, this musician had created curiosity around her personal life. In this article, read to find out if Adam Hughes is really Becky Hill brother.

Rising to prominence as a semi-finalist contestant on the first season of the reality TV show “The Voice UK” in 2012, Becky Hill has built a great career for herself.

Born on February 14, 1994, in Bewdley, Worcestershire, England, Hill embarked on her musical journey at a very young age.

Having a unique blend of pop, dance, and R&B influences in her music, she has been loved by people of all generations.

Collaborating with renowned artists and producers, including Rudimental, Wilkinson, and MK, she has given several chart-topping hits, such as “Gecko (Overdrive),” “Afterglow,” and “Wish You Well.”

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Fact Check: Is Adam Hughes, Becky Hill Brother?

As much as people have been exposed to Becky’s professional life, her personal life remains a mystery.

While the mystery has only heightened, it can be attributed mostly to the unanswered questions regarding her personal life for many years.

One of such unanswered question is regarding Becky’s post from 2014 with someone named Adam Hughes, wishing him a happy birthday by calling him her big brother.

‘Is Adam actually Becky Hill’s brother?’ is a persistent question in everyone’s mind.

Becky Hill brother
Not much has been revealed about Becky Hill’s brother. (Source: Facebook)

While Famous Birthdays claims that Becky Hill grew up with an older brother, and Healthy Celeb supports it as well, both websites do not mention the said brother’s name.

Though this post by Becky seems to be a confirmation, the lack of other credible sources confirming it or even Becky herself talking about it leaves the door open for various other possibilities.

On the one hand, it is possible that Adam is actually Becky’s brother; on the other hand, he might as well be her stepbrother or even half-brother. 

Additionally, other than Adam, Becky also has other half-siblings, as indicated by her Instagram post. Wishing her half-siblings a happy sibling day, she also mentioned Adam’s Instagram on the photo that also features him.

So, the possibility of Adam actually being her half-brother that she grew up close with remains highest. Moreover, Adam’s Facebook page also does not reveal much about him, adding to the mystery. He probably prefers a really quiet life as well.

However, since the two of them looked close on the post, we can guess that, regardless of the nature of their relationship, they share a true and pure emotional bond, loving each other as siblings.

Becky Hill Parents And Family Tree

If you are wondering about this talented singer’s wonderful parents too, you are at the right place. Learn about the parents who raised such a talented girl who is making a name for herself in the world of music.

According to Fresherslive, the talented singer’s father is Stephen Hill, and her mother is Susan Hill. They are the wonderful idols of this singer.

Becky Hill brother
Becky Hill shares a very close and loving bond with her mother. (Source: Instagram)

Unfortunately, the details about both of their backgrounds and marriage histories have not been made available to the public. Neither Becky nor Adam have confirmed the number of years the couple has been married.

But looking at the family member’s Instagrams, we can guess that the two of them have separated to get married to other people. And most likely, both of them have children with other partners as well.

As we look into Becky’s Instagram, we can see that she is more close to her mother and maternal side of the family in comparison to her father’s.

But it might also be her father’s preference for a more private life that he does not feature on her Instagram.

Regardless, they are surely supportive of Becky and all their children and encourage them to live in a harmonious environment.

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