Is Adele Ferguson Related To Sarah Ferguson? Family Tree

Due to creating waves in journalism, people wonder if Adela and Sarah have some kind of relationship. Explore inside to learn the answer Is Adele Ferguson related to Sarah Ferguson? 

Adele Ferguson, a renowned investigative journalist from Australia, has significantly impacted society through her tenacious pursuit of corporate accountability and revealing corruption in numerous areas of the nation.

Numerous awards, including the Order of Australia, Walkley Award, National Press Club Award, Quill Award, and Logie Award, among others, have been given in recognition of her outstanding work.

Ferguson, who frequently appears in prestigious publications like The Age, The Sydney Morning Herald, and the Australian Financial Review, has also demonstrated her investigative abilities as a guest reporter on ABC’s Four Corners and ABC 7:30.

Furthermore, her desire for societal improvement is further demonstrated by her dedication to giving voice to those most in need and campaigning for improved whistleblower protections.

Is Adele Ferguson Related To Sarah Ferguson?

Despite the myths that have been spread due to their shared last name and occupations, it is crucial to clarify that Adele Ferguson and Sarah Ferguson are unrelated.

Australian investigative journalist Adele Ferguson is well-known for exposing corporate fraud and misbehavior across various industries.

The Order of Australia, Walkley Award, National Press Club Award, Quill Award, and Logie Award are just a few distinguished honors she has received for her work.

Is Adele Ferguson Related To Sarah Ferguson
Adele Ferguson and Sarah Ferguson are not related. (Source: better reading)

Recognizing her outstanding investigative work in revealing corporate governance violations in the banking sector, she was admitted into the Global Management Accounting Hall of Fame in 2019.

However, Sarah Ferguson, a renowned journalist, reporter, and television host from Australia, is unrelated to Adele Ferguson.

As the host of ABC TV’s current affairs program 7.30, Sarah has distinguished herself. Her strong resume includes foreign reporting and award-winning films.

Furthermore, she has won numerous Walkleys, Logies, and other awards for her noteworthy work, which includes investigations into the live cattle trade in Australia and the writing of the books “Witness: An Investigation into the brutal cost of seeking justice” and “Cardinal: The Rise and Fall of George Pell.”

Lastly, Adele and Sarah had illustrious careers in journalism, yet each has made unique and different contributions to the industry. Due to their similar last names and occupations, there is sometimes confusion.

However, it is essential to acknowledge and honor each person’s unique accomplishments and their tremendous contribution to their journalistic endeavors.

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Adele Ferguson And Sarah Ferguson Family Tree

Adele Ferguson’s family is little known, and her personal life is still largely hidden. She is known to be married to her partner and spouse, Christian Ferguson.

She has opted to keep the details of her children and other family members out of the media spotlight. Thus, no information about them has been disclosed.

Conversely, Sarah Ferguson’s history provides insight into her family and upbringing. Her British-born parents later emigrated to Britain when she was growing up in Lagos, Nigeria.

Is Adele Ferguson Related To Sarah Ferguson
Adele Ferguson is married to Tony Jones. (Source: smh)

Iain, her father, began his career as a pilot but later had a prosperous commercial career working for Dunlop.

Furthermore, Sarah has been happily married for 23 years to Tony Jones, an Australian journalist who serves as ABC’s reporter in London.

They have three lovely sons, ages 24, 19, and 17, who make up their family, but the names of her children have not been shared. The oldest son is from Tony Jones’ first marriage, and Sarah Ferguson is his devoted stepmother.

Both Sarah Ferguson and Adele Ferguson have significantly improved the area of journalism, making their marks in their respective industries.

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