Is Esteban Ocon Gay Though He Has A Girlfriend Flavy Barla?

Is Esteban Ocon gay? Step into the whirlwind of ‘Esteban Ocon gay’ rumors sparked on the internet.

French racer Esteban José Jean-Pierre Ocon-Khelfane is present with Alpine in Formula One.

Despite only winning one race in the later campaign, Ocon’s junior career was successful as he won the 2014 FIA Formula 3 European Championship and the 2015 GP3 Series.

This earned him a spot in the Mercedes driver development program, where he worked as a reserve driver.

Ocon replaced Rio Haryanto in the 2016 Belgian Grand Prix to make his Formula One debut for Manor Racing following his GP3 victory.

In 2017, he relocated to Force India/Racing Point, where he drove alongside Mexican driver Sergio Pérez in the Formula 1 season of 2017 and 2018.

Even though he didn’t win a race or finish on the podium in 2022, he managed to record his best place in the drivers’ standings with 92 points, 11 points ahead of teammate Fernando Alonso.

Explore this article till the end to debunk the rumors that say Esteban Ocon gay and other details regarding his personal life. 

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Is Esteban Ocon Gay Though He Has A Girlfriend Flavy Barla?

Rumors of a possible connection between Esteban Ocon and Flavy Barla began circulating after his breakup with Elena Berri, based on their social media interactions.

Even though Ocon and Barla didn’t initially publicly acknowledge their romance, the speculations took an intriguing turn when they started aggressively liking and following each other’s Instagram postings.

Even at the Monaco Grand Prix, Flavy was observed—ironically—in the same position that Ocon’s former partner Elena Berri was frequently spotted.

Esteban Ocon Gay
Esteban Ocon gay rumors are baseless and not confirmed by any credible sources. (Source: Instagram)

Significant interactions became apparent to fans, such as Flavy following Esteban’s team account and Esteban following a Monaco hotel that Flavy frequently promoted in his posts.

Fans observed matching wristbands, Laila Hasanovic, Mick Schumacher’s fiancée, following Flavy, and Esteban following Flavy’s sister on Instagram, which sparked wild speculation.

When both of them began posting from the Cote d’Azur simultaneously, hints about their possible combined vacation also began to surface.

When Ocon and Barla made their first public appearance together at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix in November, the pieces of the puzzle finally came together.

The pictures of the couple walking around the Yas Marina Circuit paddock, which became the official proof of their romance, captured the interest of Formula 1 fan all over the world.

Esteban Ocon Gay rumors are baseless as he is seen dating various women in the past.

Who Is Flavy Barla?

The new woman in Esteban Ocon‘s life, Flavy Barla, is a 21-year-old medical student who wants to become a surgeon.

Flavy was born in Nice, France, on February 9, 2003. She achieved great success in the world of beauty pageants by winning the prestigious title of Miss Cote d’Azur.

Beyond the glamour and flash, Barla hopes to use her position to further her cause of cancer research.

This understanding of her personality reveals a strong, resilient lady who is dedicated to changing the world for the better even outside of the fashion industry.

Esteban Ocon Gay
With the esteemed title of Miss Cote d’Azur, Flavy has accomplished a great deal in the world of beauty pageants. (Source: Instagram)

Flavy Barla has an incredible follower base of over 136k on Instagram, where she posts peeks of her life.

She provides a glimpse into her opulent lifestyle with 171 gorgeous photos, including photoshoots, stylish attire, and travel trips.

Fans are curious about Flavy Barla because, despite her increasing public profile, her net worth is still unknown. She has blended herself into Esteban Ocon’s life with such ease.

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