Is Hannah Johns Related To Ben Johns? Brother Sister Age Gap And Family

Is Hannah Johns related to Ben Johns? Find out the relationship between the two people associated with the Professional Pickleball Association (PPA).

Benjamin Ellingham Johns, known as Ben Johns, is a professional American pickleball player.

Ben is famous for his majestic and calm appearance while playing. He is ranked as no. 1 in the world for mixed double and singles by the PPA as of August 2023.

On the other hand, Hannah Johns is the sports reporter and the director of Content & public relations in the Professional Pickleball Association.

Hannah is currently working as the sports reporter and will be covering the live reporting for the upcoming PPA tour.

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How Is Hannah Johns Related To Ben Johns? Sister and Brother Relation

Yes, Hannah Johns is related to the Pickleball champion player Ben Johns. They are associated with each other in familial terms and blood relations.

Hannah is the elder sister of Ben Johns, and the siblings have a four-year age gap. Hannah is the second oldest in the family of seven siblings, and Ben is the middle child. 

In the initial days of Hannah’s and Ben’s in PPA, fans were unsure about their familial relationship.

Fans and viewers often assumed that it might be a coincidence that Hannah- a sports reporter, and Ben- the pro pickleball player, have the same surname.

However, as the interaction between Hannah and Ben increases in the games and interviews, fans start speculating that they might be related.

Is Hannah Johns Related To Ben Johns
Hannah Johns is the elder sister of Ben Johns. So, yes, they are related to each other in familial terms. (Source: Instagram)

Similarly, sister Hannah and brother Ben often seemed close and comfortable with each other.

This raised a question among the fans, Is Hannah Johns Related To Ben Johns? After several attention to the Johs family, it came to know that Ben Johns is the little brother of Hannah Johns.

Through the Instagram accounts of Hannah and Ben Johns, fans found that the two personalities associated with the Professional Pickleball Association are related.

Moreover, they are members of the same family and are linked by blood relations.

Hannah Johns And Ben Johns Family Details

Hannah Johns and Ben Johns were born as the daughter and son of Heather and Mark Johns.

Their father, Mark, is a software designer, and their mother, Heather, is a primary school teacher. Similarly, Johns’s family follows Christian values and beliefs.

Hannah Johns and Ben Johns have a total of five siblings. The eldest brother, Collins Johns, is a professional pickleball player who played professional tennis for five years.

Similarly, Ben has another elder sister, Lily, who is younger than Hannah. Moreover, Ben is the most youthful boy among the Johns siblings.

Ben has three younger sisters; among them, the youngest one is only four years old and is the baby sister of her six elder siblings.

Is Hannah Johns Related To Ben Johns
Johns’s family includes a total of seven siblings who are dearest to each other. (Source: Instagram)

As mentioned by Hannah Johns in the EddieAndWebby YouTube channel, all of the six siblings except the youngest sister are two years of age. 

The eldest Collins is 31 years old, similarly, Hannah is 29 years old, the third child Lily is 27 years old, the middle one Ben 25 years old, and the counting goes on to the sixth sibling.

Moreover, all the siblings are close to one another. Furthermore, the three of them, Collins, Hannah, and Ben, are seen in the single frame as the reporter and the player in the pickleball championships.

On their social media account, we can see the special bonding between the parents and children and among the seven siblings.

Thus, now the confusion and dilemma in the query, Is Hannah Johns Related To Ben Johns is cleared and the explanation is they are precious siblings of the Johns family.

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