Is Jack Hendry Related To Stephen Hendry? Family Tree

Is Jack Hendry related to Stephen Hendry? Delve into the article to discover the relationship between two Scottish sportspeople.

Jack William Hendry is a Scottish professional footballer who plays as a center-back for Saudi Professional League Club Al-Ettifaq and the “Scotland National Team”.

28 years old, Jack has previously played for Partick Thistle, Wigan Athletic, Dundee, Celtic and KV Oostende.

On the other hand, Stephen Gordon Hendry is a Scottish professional snooker player. He is best known for dominating the sports during the 1990s.

 Stephen started his professional journey at the age of sixteen, and soon, he rose in prominence through his incredible score and top position in the world ranking.

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How Is Jack Hendry Related To Stephen Hendry? Are They Brothers?

Scottish professional players Jack Hendry and Stephen Hendry are not related to each other. They are neither linked by personal and blood relation nor by professional connection.

The sole reason for their connection is that both have the same surname, Hendry.

Jack Hendry is a native of Glasgow, Scotland, and Stephen Hendry is from South Queensferry. These two cities are located in the opposite direction of the country.

Similarly, Jack is a professional football player, and Stephen is a snooker player. Even though both are sports people, it is rare that both of them cross paths and are greeted at least once.

The genre of game that Jack and Stephen are associated with is nowhere to find the similarity. Thus, their connection is not firmly bound.

The only way that fans got insights that Jack and Stephen are connected might be because of their same surname. This had raised a question: Is Jack Hendry Related To Stephen Hendry?

However, that is untrue, and Jack Hendry and Stephen Hendry are unrelated.

Is Jack Hendry Related To Stephen Hendry
Is Jack Hendry Related To Stephen Hendry? No, they are not related to each other. (Source: Eurosport)

The relational dilemma between these two players is reinforced when, in an interview, Stephen mentioned that he gets inspiration from his brother Jack. 

At that time, Stephen had not mentioned any surname, but fans made fantasized assumptions and estimated that the footballer Jack was his brother.

But that whole conversation was about his fellow trainee in the snooker, and his surname is not Hendry.

Jack Hendry And Stephen Hendry Family Tree

Jack Hendry was born and raised in Glasgow, Scotland, and most of his childhood days were spent with his parents and siblings.

Jack was born into a sports-performer family. His father played gold at an Amateur level and is still active in the sports. Similarly, his mother was also part of the sports team in her college days but later dropped out.

On his Instagram account, Jack often posts pictures of him and his dad playing golf and other sports.

Is Jack Hendry Related To Stephen Hendry
Jack Hendry grew up in a family of sports lovers and got exposure to sports in his childhood. (Source: Instagram)

Moreover, Jack Hendry has two elder sisters who love and are dear to him but are rare to the media and public appearance.

28 Years old Jack Hendry is rumored to be dating English model Robyn Keen. Keen is a social media influencer and brand ambassador of Bohoo, a fashion retailer.

There is yet to be an official announcement of their relationship. Meanwhile, fans are desperately waiting for it.

In contrast, Stephen Hendry was born as the son of father Gordon Hendry and mother Irene Hendry. Stephen’s childhood days were incredible; he spent it with his parents and brother, Keith Hendry.

However, when Stephen was fifteen years old, his parents divorced, and he and his brother had to live independently for some time.

At the starting phase of his career, Stephen met his first wife, Mandy Hendry. The couple tied their wedding knot in 1995 and were blessed with two sons.

Is Jack Hendry Related To Stephen Hendry
Stephen Hendry with his first wife and elder son. (Source: Dailymail)

The elder son, Blaine, was born in 1996, and the younger son was born in 2004. After nineteen years of marriage, Stephen and Mandy parted ways in 2014.

Nowadays, Stephen is in a relationship with British entertainer and actress Lauren Thundow and is living his life in England.

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