Fact Check: Is Jack Kiss Dana Heath Boyfriend? Relationship Timeline

Who is Dana Heath Boyfriend? Is Jack Kiss her loved person? Find out through the write-up it includes the actress’s relationship timeline.

Dana Heath is an American-Andorran actress, voice actress, and model. She is known for playing the role of Mika Macklin in the television series Henry Danger and its spin-off Danger Force.

Seventeen-year-old Dana started her acting career when she was a child. After her primary school, she rose to prominence in the film industry.

Some of Dana Heath’s movies and TV shows include Scorpion, Sydney to the Max, Lex & Presley, and Pen 15.

Moreover, Dana has given voice to the characters of several animated series, Fancy Nancy Clancy, Abby Hatcher, Princess Power, and Kiya & the heroes of Kimoja.

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Is Dana Heath Boyfriend Jack Kiss? The Rumours On The Social Media

We all know that Dana Heath is super secretive when it comes to the information of her private details.

Similarly, after years of associating with the film industry and being around the media, Dana has kept her relationship status far from the public eye.

However, there are times when the actress is rumoured to be dating someone, and news of Dana Heath boyfriend trended.

This time, news is circulated across the media and TikTok platforms that Dana is in a relationship with Jack Kiss.

TikTok videos are caught by storm, stating that the Danger Force actress is in a relationship with a handsome guy named Jack.

Dana Heath Boyfriend
It is not confirmed whether either actress Dana Heath is in a relationship or not. (Source: Instagram)

It has been several months since the news and videos were circulated; however, Dana is silent regarding her dating rumours.

Therefore, whether the Nickelodeon sweetheart Gana Heath is in an intimate relationship is still unknown.

Apart from social media, the actress’s dating status is not published in authentic media portals. Thus, fans start to believe it might be a hoax note circulated by someone.

However, we can not say anything regarding the actress’s private life. Similarly, it is wise for the fans to wait for Dana Heath to address their curiosity.

Dana Heath Boyfriend Rumours And Relationship Timeline

Although Dana Heath is just 17 years old, dating rumours are all over the internet. Time and again, the young actress is linked with several young actors.

Moreover, Dana is connected with her co-actor of Danger Force and Henry Danger, Luca Luhan.

Like Dana, Luca is also seventeen years old and still to establish his senior career. But, he is the main topic of rumours regarding dating news.

We can see several videos of Luca and Dana on social platforms like TikTok. Furthermore, fan edits make it seem like an actual video.

Luca and Dana portrayed Bose and Mika in Henry Danger and Danger Force. Their characters are close friends, co-workers, and romantic pairings in the series.

Dana Heath Boyfriend
Luca and Dana’s friendship is often speculated as a romantic relationship by their fans. (Source: Imdb)

Fans fantasize about their character relation and estimate Luca as Dana Heath boyfriend. However, Dana and Luca have repeatedly mentioned that they are just close friends.

More than that, Dana Heath is also linked with several other co-actors and is rumoured to be in relation with them. But, there is no single confirmation of dating from the actress side.

This time, the actress is also rumoured to be dating Jack Kiss, and fans have circulated the news throughout the media. But the information is yet to be confirmed.

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