Is Jake Shane Nepo Baby? Parents Family Siblings Details

Is Jake Shane Nepo Baby? You are likely already enamored with the person known as Octopuslover8 aka Jake Shane on TikTok. 

The TikToker, real name Jake Shane, gained popularity for his signature dance steps, his funny take on historical events, and his “puss reviews.”

You can blame Jake Shane if your TikTok FYP is full of people yelling random phrases like “Tents up!” or “We’re nyming!”

As you may remember, the creator shot to stardom on TikTok early in 2023 with his humorous and less-than-accurate historical reenactments.

For all the details we know about regarding Jake Shane Nepo Baby, continue reading.

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Is Jake Shane Nepo Baby?

Is Jake Shane Nepo Baby? People are wondering if Jake Shane is a nepo baby because of his presence at Richie-Grainge’s wedding.

User @marykatev posted a video on April 23 shortly after the Richie-Grainge wedding, detailing which A-list attendees were present and how they were acquainted with the Richie and Grainge families.

The maker of the video claimed matter-of-factly that Shane is “cousins with the Grainge family,” but he offered no evidence to support the assertion.

Jake Shane Nepo Baby
In August 2023, he started his clothing brand PassThatPuss, which celebrities like Sophie Turner have even been seen sporting. (Source: Instagram)

In addition, Richie and Grainge clarify in a video released on July 25th with Vogue that Shane isn’t, in fact, their cousin, despite their prior jokes to the contrary.

Before the event, Shane told Elite Daily that it was “full of so much love and happiness,” but he withheld information regarding how he received the invitation.

However, the cousin theory appeared to hold at first, but at some point, the story shifted from “family members” to “family friends.”

A disclaimer that should be included in all Shane/Richie conspiracy videos since the two haven’t “fessed up to the details of their friendship” was stated by Cora Breilein (@corabreilein) in a video analyzing whether or not Shane is a nepo baby.

The creator and the model are rumored to have met through Richie’s sister-in-law, Alice.

Jake Shane Parents & Family 

Born and reared in New York, Shane told People he “grew up in the suburbs as a closeted kid.”

Shane’s mother, Helaine Olen, is a Washington Post columnist and author of many books on personal finance, based on posts on social media.

Olen is married to TV and film writer Matt Roshkow and has two sons, per her Post bio.

According to his IMDb website, he has worked on TV movies like “Spring Break Lawyer” and “Campus Confidential” in addition to other episodes of “The Wonderful World of Disney.”

David Shane, a professor and attorney at New York University School of Law, is Jake Shane’s father.

His area of expertise is intellectual property law, and he has acted as an attorney for companies including Spotify, Google, and YouTube. In addition, he offers courses in Internet law, trademark law, and copyright law.

Shane has referenced his father in a few of his captions, but he hasn’t included him in any of his TikTok movies.

He mentioned in one of them that his father was pleased with him for completing the app’s verification process. In another, he said that his jokes did not make his father laugh.

Jake Shane Siblings: His Brother And Sister Details

Jake Shane has a brother named Ben and a sister named Rachel, according to Famous Birthdays.

Although he hasn’t released many details about them on social media, he has shared some pictures of them on Instagram.

Jake Shane Nepo Baby
Even before going viral, the content producer was close to several very well-known celebrities. (Source: Instagram)

He called his sister his best friend and wished her a happy birthday in one of them. In another, he said that his brother and he looked alike while posing together.

Along with his siblings, Shane has also produced a few TikTok videos. He played a practical joke on his sister in one of them by posing as her boyfriend on FaceTime.

He issued his brother a challenge to a dance-off in another.

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