Is Maine Mendoza Pregnant In 2023? Sick And Health Update

Is Maine Mendoza Pregnant? What is the story behind her baby bump? Find out in the following write-up.

Nicomaine Dei Capili Mendoza-Atayde, popularly known as Maine Mendoza, is a Filipino actress and television personality.

Maine is best known for her viral Dubsmash videos and her role as Yaya Dub in the noontime reality show Eat Bulaga!

Mendoza started her career in 2015 at Eat Bulaga and soon gained popularity for her exceptional appearance. Then she starred in the movie My Bebe Love: #kiligPaMore as Anna, which viewers and fans love.

Some popular and loved Maine Mendoza’s TV shows and movies include Pamana, Imagine You and Me, Meant to Beh, Isa Pa With Feelings, and Mission Unstapabol: The Don Identity.

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Is Maine Mendoza Pregnant In 2023? Baby Bump And Weight Gain

Maine Mendoza took the wedding vows with Filipino actor and politician Juan Carlos Arjo Atayde on 28 July 2023. After her marriage, rumors have been circulated regarding Maine’s pregnancy.

The news that Maine Mendoza is pregnant is just a false rumor, and nothing has been confirmed from the couple’s side.

Some news portals and fans have claimed that Mendoza is two weeks pregnant, and some stated that she is one month pregnant. But the actress is yet to expect a child.

In her recent appearance in public places, Maine Mendoza is claimed to be seen with a baby bump, making fans speculate about her pregnancy.

Is Maine Mendoza Pregnant
Fans raised the question, Is Maine Mendoza Pregnant soon after her marriage to Arjo Atayde? (Source: Instagram)

Thus, questions revolved among the fans in no time: Is Maine Mendoza Pregnant?

 For now, it seems like Maine Mendoza is not pregnant, and the rumored baby bump might result from weight gain.

Some of her fans noticed that Maine seemed to have gained weight after her marriage; thus, the rumors of her pregnancy spread.

Is Maine Mendoza Sick In 2023? Health Condition

Currently, Maine Mendoza is leading a healthy life, and her days are full of joy and happiness as she is newly married.

However, Maine Mendoza has been the victim of depression. In mid-2022, when she was rumored to be married to actor Alden Richards, Maine encountered depression.

During that time, the actress actively supported her mental health and fought to regain her happiness. 

Is Maine Mendoza Pregnant
Maine Mendoza has great concerns and the maintenance of her health. thus, in 2023 she is free from health issues. (Source: Instagram)

Currently, Maine Mendoza prioritizes her mental health and is free from stress. Thus, in 2023, Maine Mendoza is not dealing with any illness.

But yes, she might have been exhausted after her marriage ceremony and is now enjoying her marital days freely.

Maine continues her work from home and is busy with a product endorsing the project. Fans await her appearance in movies and TV shows after this short break.

Who Are Maine Mendoza Parent Teodoro And Marry Ann Mendoza? Relationship Timeline

Maine Mendoza was born in Santa Maria, Bulacan, Philippines, as the loving daughter to her father, Teodoro Mendoza, and mother, Mary Ann Mendoza.

Maine’s father is an engineer who ventures in the road construction business, and her mother is an accountant who owns several gasoline stations in Bulacan.

Maine Mendoza grew up along with her two brothers and two sisters.

Is Maine Mendoza Pregnant
Maine Mendoza with her parents and sibling. (Source: Instagram)

Although Maine’s initial life journey was toward the office-oriented profession, she switched it and entered the world of entertainment, where she found the love of her life.

On 28 July 2023, Maine Mendoza married Arjo Atayde in the beautiful venue at the Alphaland Baguio Mountain Lodges Chapel in Baguio City.

Is Maine Mendoza Pregnant
Maine Mendoza is committed to marital life with her long-term boyfriend Arjo Atayde. (Source: Instagram)

Maine and Arjo first met in 2018 by their mutual friends. The initial friendship became romantic, and they started dating in 2022.

Now, officially, Maine Mendoza and Arjo Atayde are tied in their marital relationship and are over the moon making new and memorable memories.

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