Is Marlion Pickett Related To Kysaiah Pickett? Family Tree

Question: Is Marlion Pickett related to Kysaiah Pickett? Read the whole article to know the answer.

Marlion Pickett is a seasoned Australian rules footballer known for his resilience and prowess. He has faced challenges, including time in foster care, but excelled professionally.

Kysaiah Pickett, aka “Kozzy,” is a rising star in Australian rules football, playing for the Melbourne Football Club. Both hail from a strong football family.

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Fact Check: Is Marlion Pickett Related To Kysaiah Pickett? 

Is Marlion Pickett related to Kysaiah Pickett? Whether Marlion Pickett and Kysaiah Pickett are related has sparked curiosity among sports enthusiasts and fans alike.

However, the answer to this inquiry reveals an interesting familial connection rather than a direct blood relation.

Contrary to some speculations circulating online, Marlion Pickett and Kysaiah Pickett are not immediate relatives.

Instead, they share a connection through their respective ties to other members of their family tree.

Kysaiah Pickett, the rising star, is the nephew of former Melbourne Demons players Neville Jetta and Byron Pickett, adding an extra layer of sporting legacy to his lineage.

On the other hand, Marlion Pickett’s familial link to the football world is established through his cousin, Byron Pickett.

Is Marlion Pickett related to Kysaiah Pickett
Kysaiah and Marlion Pickett are cousins once removed. (Source: AFL)

Byron Pickett, a former North Melbourne and Port Adelaide player, is known for his prowess on the field and has left an indelible mark on the sport.

Therefore, Marlion Pickett and Byron Pickett share a cousin relationship, solidifying Marlion’s connection to the football world through his blood ties.

To break it down further, Kysaiah Pickett and Marlion Pickett can be identified as cousins once removed.

This distinction arises from the fact that Byron Pickett is Marlion’s cousin, and Kysaiah, being the nephew of Byron, falls under the category of cousins once removed.

While their direct connection may not be as immediate as siblings or parent-child, the shared familial bond enhances the narrative of both players within the broader context of Australian rules football.

Marlion Pickett And Kysaiah Pickett Family Tree

Intricately woven into the fabric of Australian rules football, the Pickett family has a story marked by both triumphs and challenges.

Marlion Pickett, a seasoned professional in the sport, is proof of resilience and determination in the face of adversity.

His family life is central to his journey, offering insights into the man behind the footballer.

Marlion Pickett, alongside his partner Jess Nannup, is a proud father to four children: Marlion Jr, Latrelle, Shaniquae, and Levi.

The importance of family echoes in Marlion’s life, a sentiment he emphasizes given the hurdles he has overcome.

Is Marlion Pickett related to Kysaiah Pickett
There is a familia connection between Kysaiah and Marlion Pickett. (Source: Guardian)

From a challenging upbringing that included time spent in foster care to grappling with legal issues during his teenage years, Marlion’s journey underscores the significance of familial bonds.

Born to Angela and Thomas Pickett, Marlion has siblings that add depth to his family narrative, including two younger sisters, a brother, and a baby brother.

The complexities of his personal history have shaped him, fostering a deep appreciation for the value of family connections.

Marlion’s gratitude extends beyond his blood relatives to encompass the second family he has discovered through football.

This broader sense of kinship has become a blessing and support for the seasoned footballer.

In the parallel realm of Australian rules football, Kysaiah Pickett, commonly known as “Kozzy” or “Koz,” represents the continuation of the family legacy.

Born on June 2, 2001, Kysaiah hails from a football-strong lineage, being the nephew of former Demons players Neville Jetta and Byron Pickett.

The passing of Kysaiah’s mother, Rebecca, in 2021 added a poignant chapter to the family’s story, and her funeral in the WA country town of Quairading provided a moment for reflection and remembrance.

The Pickett family’s narrative intertwines personal triumphs, collective strength, and a profound connection to the world of Australian rules football.

Through challenges and successes, the Picketts exemplify the enduring power of family in shaping and sustaining individuals on their unique paths.

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