Is Mary Wanjiku, Eric Maigo Wife? Family Tree

Netizens have been curious about Eric Maigo wife after the news of his mysterious murder surrounded the internet. 

Eric Maigo was a seasoned finance professional with extensive experience in the financial services industry. Likewise, he was one of the respected figures in Nigeria.

Tragically, he passed away on Friday, September 15, 2023, after being stabbed 25 times in the chest, neck, and head. 

Holding a Master’s Degree in Finance from the University of Nairobi, Eric demonstrated proficiency in Financial Reporting, Risk Management, Budgeting, and Asset Management.

His expertise extended to areas such as Microsoft Excel and Insurance. Maigo’s career saw him excel at Britam General Insurance as Lead for Financial Reporting and Credit Control.

Eric’s contributions also spanned eight years at Old Mutual Kenya as a Group Financial Reporting Accountant. His most recent role was as the Finance Director at Nairobi Hospital.

Despite his suspicious death, Maigo will be remembered for his remarkable contributions to the finance sector and his impact on those he worked with.

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Is Mary Wanjiku, Eric Maigo Wife?

Following his tragic death, the question of whether Mary Wanjiku was Eric Maigo wife has been a subject of curiosity for some.

However, the answer to this query is clear: no, Mary Wanjiku was not Eric Maigo’s wife. In fact, there is no record of Eric Maigo ever being married.

Eric Maigo was a highly accomplished finance professional with an impressive career but maintained a private personal life.

According to some sources, his father’s name was Zebedeo Onchari Nyakwana, and his mother was Dinah Onchari. But there is no information on Eric Maigo wife.

Eric Maigo Wife
Eric Maigo was a 36-year-old bachelor. (Source: Facebook)

Despite his single status, Eric Maigo was known to have a highly active social life. He was reportedly involved in dating relationships with various women.

Moreover, on the day when Eric Maigo met his tragic end, he was seen enjoying the company of three women at a club along Ngong Road around 10 p.m.

At 36 years old, Eric Maigo was an eligible bachelor who may have been on the lookout for his perfect partner. But his untimely passing left behind unanswered questions.

To clarify again, Mary Wanjiku was not Eric Maigo wife, as he was not married at the time of his tragic passing.

Eric Maigo Murder Case Update

The investigation into the tragic murder of Eric Maigo, the Acting Finance Director of Nairobi Hospital, has taken a startling turn with the recent arrest of a prime suspect.

The case, which has gripped the nation with its gruesome details, has witnessed significant developments in the past few days.

Government pathologist Dr Johansen Oduor revealed that Eric Maigo had suffered a brutal attack, with 25 stab wounds to his chest, neck, and head. 

Initial reports suggested that Eric Maigo had entered his residence late at night, accompanied by a woman who is now believed to be the primary suspect in his murder.

However, friends of the deceased claim that Eric had never introduced a lady lover to them, adding a layer of mystery to the case.

Detectives uncovered that Eric Maigo had encountered Cynthia Andalo at a popular club along Ngong Road on the fateful day he was killed.

Eric Maigo Wife
The 16-year-old suspect in Eric Maigo murder case is under investigation. (Source: Facebook)

Cynthia was briefly detained but later released due to insufficient evidence linking her to the crime.

The most recent breakthrough in the case came with the arrest of Ann Adhiambo Akinyi, a 16-year-old girl believed to be the prime murder suspect from Kibera Slums.

Ann Adhiambo appeared in Milimani Law Courts and was remanded for 21 days to facilitate further investigation.

In a shocking twist, Ann Adhiambo claims that she stabbed Eric Maigo in self-defence, alleging that she was a victim of rape.

She informed detectives that Eric had picked her up by the roadside after she had been chased from her guardian’s house due to a misunderstanding.

The court has granted permission for age and mental assessments of the suspect during this 21-day period before she stands trial.

Detectives are also exploring whether Ann Adhiambo acted alone or under the influence of others.

The arrest of the prime suspect has brought some closure to this harrowing case, but many questions remain unanswered.

As the investigation continues, the nation watches with bated breath for further revelations into the shocking killing of Eric Maigo.

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