Discover: How Is Ty Cobb Lawyer Related To Ty Cobb Baseball Player? Family Tree

Is Ty Cobb Lawyer related to Ty Cobb baseball player? Many people are curious about their connection as they share the same name, which confuses many.

Ty Cobb is a lawyer from the United States. From 1981 until 1986, he worked as an Assistant United States Attorney for the District of Maryland.

In Washington, D.C., he was a partner at Hogan Lovells. He was a member of the Trump administration’s legal staff from July 2017 to May 2018

Tyrus Raymond Cobb, nicknamed “the Georgia Peach,” was a Major League Baseball center fielder from the United States.

He was born in the Georgia town of Narrows. Cobb played 22 seasons for the Detroit Tigers, the final six as the team’s player-manager, before joining the Philadelphia Athletics.

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Discover: How Is Ty Cobb Lawyer Related To Ty Cobb Baseball Player? 

Despite their shared name, Ty Cobb, the baseball legend, and Ty Cobb, the lawyer, have no known direct family relation. 

But Cobb reportedly is a distant relative of the Hall of Fame baseball player bearing the same name, but the specific genealogy is unknown. 

Ty Cobb Lawyer Related To Ty Cobb Baseball Player
Ty Cobb Lawyer And Ty Cobb Baseball Player (source: Fandom)

Ty Cobb, a baseball player, married twice and had multiple children, but no indication that his descendants became lawyers or legal practitioners.

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The name “Ty Cobb” is unquestionably unusual, and it is not uncommon for unrelated people to share the same name, even if they are from different areas of life. 

The lack of evidence linking the two Ty Cobbs suggests their coincidental connection.

Ty Cobb was a critical Major League Baseball (MLB) character during the early twentieth century. 

He was born on December 18, 1886, in Narrows, Georgia. His illustrious career lasted from 1905 through 1928, mainly with the Detroit Tigers. 

Cobb’s outstanding baseball performance won him the moniker “The Georgia Peach,” and he left an indelible impression on the game.

Ty Cobb, the lawyer, is on the other end of the link. Unlike his baseball counterpart, little information about this legal practitioner is generally available. 

Yet, it is known that a lawyer named Ty Cobb practiced law in various capacities, piquing interest in any possible relationship with the famed baseball player.

Ty Cobb Lawyer And Ty Cobb Baseball Player Family Tree Explored

Cobb is the son of Grover C. Cobb, a Kansas radio station owner who served as the National Association of Broadcasters senior Executive vice president (which named one of their prestigious awards for him).  

Cobb’s father was vice president and general manager of KVGB (AM)/FM in Great Bend and was instrumental in forming the Kansas Association of Broadcasters. 

Ty Cobb Lawyer And Ty Cobb Baseball Player
Ty Cobb Lawyer And Ty Cobb Baseball Player (source: NBC News)

Cobb is said to be a distant relative of the Hall of Fame baseball star of the same name, although the particular ancestry is unknown. Cobb was raised in Great Bend, Kansas.

Cobb earned an A.B. from Harvard and a J.D. from Georgetown Law School. Cobb made close friends with Senator Al Franken at Harvard.

His family also included prominent lawyers such as his brother-in-law Clifford Walker, who served as Governor of Georgia from 1923 to 1927; 

Ty’s nephew and partner at the law firm of Dozier & Cobb; and William H. Terrell Jr., another nephew who served with distinction on the Georgia Supreme Court.

Ty Cobb was the first of three children born to Amanda Chitwood Cobb and William Herschel Cobb in Narrows, Georgia.

Cobb spent his initial years in baseball with the Royston Rompers, the semi-pro Royston Reds, and the South Atlantic League’s Augusta Tourists. Cobb, however, was released by the Tourists two days into the season. 

His father’s sharp rebuke rang in his ears when he tested out for the Anniston Steelers of the semi-pro Tennessee-Alabama League. 

After joining the Steelers for a monthly pay of $50, Cobb advertised himself by sending many postcards written about his talents under several aliases to Grantland Rice, the Atlanta Journal’s sports editor. 

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