Is Xavier Worthy Related To James Worthy? Family Tree

Is Xavier Worthy Related To James Worthy? Fans became curious about his personal life of Xavier as his popularity was predominating among the public.

Xavier Worthy is an American Football wide receiver who plays for the Texas Longhorns.

21 years old, Xavier started his high school football journey with Central East, California. Later on, he joined the University of Texas at Austin.

On the other hand, James Ager Worthy is an American sports commentator, host, and former professional Basketball player.

Throughout his entire career, James played for Los Angeles Lakes in the National Basketball Association (NBA). NBA player James is one of the most respected basketball players who received the praise of NBA champion several times.

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How Is Xavier Worthy Related To James Worthy? Are They Father And Son?

Xavier Worthy and James Worthy are not related to each other regarding familial and blood relations. The two American sports personalities are not linked with each other.

Xavier grew up in California, and James is a native of North Carolina. Similarly, Xavier is an American footballer, but James is a basketball professional.

Therefore, there is less chance for them to cross paths and have a personal conversation. The surnames Xavier and James acquire the critical element to connect them.

However, having the same surname, “Worthy”, is not enough to relate Xavier Worthy and James Worthy.

Many of the sports fans stated that 63 years old James is the father of Xavier Worthy. This speculation raised the question, Is Xavier Worthy Related To James Worthy?

However, it is more like a clear-cut answer that Xavier and James Worthy are unrelated.

Is Xavier Worthy Related To James Worthy
Is Xavier Worthy Related To James Worthy? No, the two sportsmen are not related. (Source: Longhornswire)

Once, Xavier Worthy mentioned that he loves to watch and play Basketball when he has free time from playing and practicing football. This statement of the young player reinforces the fans’ fantasized estimation.

Moreover, James Worthy could be an inspiring sportsperson for Xavier to learn patience and sportsmanship. Similarly, James Xavier might be a rising player in American sports.

Both players have incredible individual achievements and are prominent figures in their respective fields. But unfortunately, Xavier Worthy and James Worthy does not have personal, familial, or blood relation.

Xavier Worthy And James Worthy Family Tree

Xavier Worthy was born on 27 April 2003 in Fresno, California, as the elder son of his father, Mr. Worthy, and mother, Nicky Jones.

Xavier’s father is not in the limelight of the public, and his personal information is yet to be disclosed. Meanwhile, Xavier’s mother, Nicky, is more like a manager to the player.

Xavier’s mother is his prominent supporter, and she is also a primary decision-maker for her son. She is also an advocate for defending her son and his decision. 

Is Xavier Worthy Related To James Worthy
Xavier Worthy’s mother is the primary support network for him. (Source: Twitter)

Several news articles mention that Xavier Worthy’s mother, Nicky, is the path shower for him to make the sketches of his career.

Furthermore, Xavier has two adorable siblings who often attend his matches to cheer him on.

On the other hand, born on 27 February 1961, James Worthy is the father of two daughters. He was married to Cheerleader Angela Wilder, whom he met in 1981 at the University of North Carolina.

Is Xavier Worthy Related To James Worthy
James Worthy is a proud father of his two daughters and is close to his family. (Silverscreenandroll)

In 1996, the couple divorced and decided to be co-parents to their two loving daughters.

James Dauther’s elder daughter, Sable Worthy, and younger Sierra Worthy are actresses who perform in the theater and short movie Genre.

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