Who Is Isabel Fayos Marido? Meet Her Hijo And Family

Have you heard of the entrancing Spanish singer Isabel Fayos Marido, her loving spouse? If not, let’s get to know about this veteran’s family that has mesmerized a whole generation of Spanish music connoisseurs

Nothing rings a bell when anyone from the 2000s hears the name Isabel Fayos. The name is strange and alien-like to this generation as any Indie singer from this era would be for the upcoming one.  

But for the 90s generation, which particularly has an interest in music from Spain, she is the one they would prefer to waltz to. 

If you are interested to know about this niche in the music market you can search for the name to see 15,428 monthly listeners, with the song called La Vuelta del Camino being her most listened music in the Spotify App. 

Born in 1957 in Triana, the famous neighborhood in Seville, Spain that has produced quite famous bullfighters and flamenco dancers, she is one of the gems from the neighborhood. 

Her presence seems to be appreciated by Triana as she was honored with Trianera de honor i.e. accolade provided to exceptional people of Triana district from the field of Music, Culture and Sports. 

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Who Is Isabel Fayos Marido (Husband)?

To show the presence and prominence of Fayos, we can look at the discography of another prominent singer in the industry Maria del Monte, who has recorded eleven songs with lyrics by Feliciano Perez and the singer-songwriter from Triana, Isabel Fayos.

El Confidencial states: On the record, some Sevillanas by Isabel Fayos stand out, which have begun to play on all Andalusian radio stations and which they say will be the most heard at this year’s fair, they are called ‘Tic toc’ and speak of the passing of time.

She can be described as a Composer, lover of music and art, traditional and modern communicator, columnist, fun and profound and authentic. Fayos is an artist with deep roots, in love with life, her land and her people. A committed woman, in her writings she vindicates the role of women in today’s society.

However, there is no further information about her personal life and relationship with her spouse. 

Isabel Fayos Marido
Isabel Fayos with her younger son. (Source: Instagram)

While she is seen sharing pictures with her children on her social media handles, there is not much sign of her husband. This has led to speculation of her being separated from her husband for a long period of time.

Get To Know Her Hijo (Children) And Family

A lesser-known fact about the singer is that she has two children, both of them being sons. Her eldest son is Julio Rodriguez Fayos, and her younger one is Jose, commonly known as Chema Rodriguez Fayos. 

Both of them share snippets of their personal life on their respective Instagram handles @juliorodriguezfayos and @chemarodriguezfayos. Here, both of them repeatedly feature their mother appreciating her. 

Isabel Fayos Marido
Isabel Fayos with her sons. (Source: Instagram)

The famous singer Laura Gallego got married on May 21, 2022, in Jerez to José María Rodríguez Fayos, the younger son of the singer in the Cathedral, while the invitation was held at the Recreo de las Cadenas facilities featuring many stars of the Spanish showbiz.

According to Diario de Jerez, the newlyweds performed together  ‘I’m going to live with you without haste’, a song from the album ‘Tocar el Cielo’ by Isabel Fayos. This shows the couple’s love for the singer and their mother. She is an excellent addition to the wonderful family. 

Notably, she is also blessed with a sweet granddaughter whose name is not public from her first son Julio. Also, there’s no question about this Spanish enigma being a practicing Christian with values, as seen in the ceremonies she is part of through social media. 

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