Jacob Secret Face Reveal And Identity: Real Name And Wikipedia

TikTok content creator with the account name “Mask Secret Face reveal” is all over the internet with his new strategies to engage the audience in his content. Through this article, discover the face under the mask of Jacob Secret Face Reveal.

On 17 May 2023, Jacob.secretlive started to upload videos of him with a mask and a caption of a face reveal coming soon. This made many application users curious about TikTok’s new content creator.

Some claimed they had seen him somewhere, while others were excited to know who his young man was. The process continued till 22 August 2023, when he finally revealed his face for a few seconds on his Instagram Live.

Meanwhile, Jacob earned tremendous followers in his two-face reveal account, which goes by mask.secretfacerv with 173.4K followers and Jacob.secretlive with 112.8K followers.

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Jacob Secret Face Reveal And Identity: Real Name

The Tiktok content creator, who has gone by the name Jacob for almost four months, has finally revealed his face on Instagram Live. He is none other than Tom Drahm, who is a popular TikTok star by Tomdnc. 

Tom’s original account has almost 5.5 M followers and uploads videos daily. He recognized himself as the Grow Streamer- which helps someone with fewer followers to gain more followers by joining his live stream.

Tomdnc, a.k.a. Jacob Secret, was born in England on 31 October 2003. Nineteen-year-old virtual content creator Tom started posting videos on TikTok in June 2020.

Tomdnc’s initial posts were joke videos instructing the viewers to create comedy content and how to undo an accident cruse. During that time, his account was at the slow pace of grossing ahead.

Jacob Secret Face Reveal
Tom Drahm is the person behind the mask and who made tide in Tiktok with “Jacob Secret Face Reveal”. (Source: Tiktok)

On 9 January 2021, he posted a video that rated people performing various tricks, which racked up more than sixteen million views in a short time. 

After that, for some time, Tom started to upload reaction videos. But, he wanted a different taste to his account and viewers. So, he started Tiktok Live, where he engaged his viewers in mutual channel growth and helped those with few followers to grow their channel.

Currently, Tom Drahm resides in Australia, pursuing his studies and growing his earnings and popularity through TikTok.

Jacob Secret Face Reveal And Crazes Among Fans

The question-and-answer tug-of-war between fans and Tom started in May 2023 and ended on 21 August 2023 through his Instagram Live. 

During the live, he mentioned that he wanted to check with his fans whether they would notice him in the mask.

In his original TikTok account @originalgrowstreamer, he has almost 5.5 M followers, and his curly hair is well-loved among his fans. Thus, he might have wanted to test the memory and witness of his fans.

Jacob Secret Face Reveal
Tom once appeared in the same mask as the “Jacob Face reveal” on his original channel. (Source: Tiktok)

Similarly, on 21 November 2021, he appeared in one video with the same navy color mask with a green cross in the eyes portion and a sewed structure on the mouth. 

Some of Tom’s (Jacob) fans immediately noticed that it was Tomdnc all the time; however, some of his followers were in a dilemma as to whether the new anonymous person was him.

Now, all the confusion and questions have ended after Jacob’s Secret Face Reveal and the person is Tom Darhm, the popular content creator and live streamer of TikTok.

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