Anaheim Ducks: Who Are Jamie Drysdale Parents Gary And Mother Tina Drysdale? Family Tree

The Canadian professional ice hockey defenseman was born on April 8, 2002, to his parents, Gary and Tina Drysdale. Explore inside to learn more about Jamie Drysdale parents.

Jamie Drysdal’s exceptional performance as an Ontario Hockey League First-Team All-Star with the Erie team in the 2019–2020 season was acknowledged when the Anaheim Ducks selected him as the No. 6 overall pick in the 2020 NHL Draft.

Furthermore, Drysdale demonstrated his offensive skill during his second OHL season, scoring 47 points in 49 games.

Moreover, at 15, he was named the GTHL’s Player of the Year and helped the Toronto Marlboros win the league title.

Additionally, he was selected for the OHL Cup All-Star Team and assisted GTHL Red in winning the 2018 OHL Gold Cup Final.

Who Are Jamie Drysdale Parents Gary And Mother Tina Drysdale?

Jamie Drysdale, a gifted Canadian professional ice hockey defenseman born in 2002 in Toronto, Ontario, is now playing for the Anaheim Ducks in the NHL.

Throughout his hockey career, Gary and Tina Drysdale have been encouraging figures. The close-knit hockey community was highlighted when Gary postponed a flight so Cole Perfetti’s parents could attend their son’s debut.

Jamie Drysdale Parents
Jamie Drysdale is signing a contract with Anaheim Ducks. (Source: Instagram)

Furthermore, Jamie’s love for hockey started when he was just five years old when he took part in the Learn to Play Hockey program and learned to skate. Jamie and his brother wear jersey number four since their father is a fan of Bobby Orr.

In addition, Jamie also started playing hockey for the Ontario Junior Hockey League’s St. Michael’s Buzzers. He excelled and later played hockey with the Toronto Marlboros in the GTHL’s Minor Midget AAA division.

Moreover, when he was only 15 years old, Drysdale significantly contributed to the Marlboros winning the GTHL Championship, earning him the honor of GTHL Player of the Year.

He extended his success by helping the GTHL Red win the 2018 OHL Gold Cup Final and earning a berth on the OHL Cup All-Star Team.

Likewise, the Anaheim Ducks selected Jamie with the sixth overall choice in the 2020 NHL Draft due to his remarkable skills.

Drysdale previously played for Canada and helped them win the IIHF 2020 World Junior Championship by collecting three points in seven games.

Finally, in the years since he joined the Anaheim Ducks in 2021, Jamie has proven to be a valuable defenseman. He participated in an outstanding 81 games in 2021–22, recording four goals and 28 assists.

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Jamie Drysdale Family Tree

Jamie Drysdale hails from a loving family that includes his older brother Charlie Drysdale and his parents, Gary and Tina.

Throughout his hockey career, Jamie has received continual support and inspiration from his family, motivating him to succeed.

Now talking about his achievements, Drysdale has accumulated an impressive list of honors and accomplishments throughout his career.

Jamie Drysdale Parents
Jamie Drysdale was named GTHL Player of the Year. (Source: Instagram)

Furthermore, he played a significant part in helping the Marlboros win the GTHL Championship when he was just 15 years old, which speaks to his remarkable ice hockey abilities. He was named GTHL Player of the Year for his remarkable performance.

Moreover, as he helped GTHL Red win the 2018 OHL Gold Cup Final, Drysdale’s success continued, further solidifying his standing as a gifted player.

His participation on the OHL Cup All-Star Team, which highlighted his influence on the game, was made possible by his exceptional qualities.

Likewise, wherever he has played, he has seen championship success. He earned the title of First-Team All-Star in the Ontario Hockey League while playing with Erie in the 2019–20 season and was chosen to the OHL First All-Star Team in 2020.

Similarly, he demonstrated his abilities on a global stage by playing a crucial part in Canada’s victory at the IIHF 2020 World Junior Championship.

Finally, Drysdale furthered his reputation as a renowned player by winning a U20 WJC Silver Medal in 2021 and a U20 WJC Gold Medal in 2020.

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