Jeff Lewis Siblings: Does He Have A Brother Or Sister?

Jeff Lewis siblings: Beyond the glitz of Hollywood and the buzz of real estate, meet the individuals who hold a special place in the influencer’s heart.

Jeffrey Thomas Lewis, born on March 24, 1970, is a multifaceted American personality renowned for his roles as a real estate speculator, interior designer, and television-radio sensation.

Lewis’ journey began in Orange County, California, as the eldest son of real estate investor Tom Lewis. After graduating from Chapman University in 1993, he delved into real estate, flipping numerous Los Angeles homes.

In 2009, Lewis ventured into interior design, launching his own firm. His creative prowess extended to product lines for homes, including paints, rugs, tiles, and doors.

Television brought Lewis into the limelight, with “Flipping Out” and its spinoff, “Interior Therapy with Jeff Lewis.” His radio show, “Jeff Lewis Live,” gained a loyal following, affectionately known as “Chumps.”

Likewise, in June 2023 launched the Jeff Lewis Channel on Sirius XM. Despite personal challenges, including a diagnosis of OCPD and back surgeries he persists in adding a distinctive touch to the real estate industry.

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Jeff Lewis Siblings: Does He Have A Brother Or Sister?

Jeff Lewis, the renowned American real estate speculator comes from a family of three brothers. Born in Orange County, California, he is the eldest son of Tom Lewis, a real estate investor, and Cathe Lewis.

While information about one of his younger brothers, Todd Lewis is more readily available, details about the second sibling are scarce due to his private nature.

One of Jeff Lewis Siblings, Todd Lewis is the CEO of The Reputation MD and possesses a rich professional background.

His company specializes in assisting businesses in generating positive reviews, particularly in industries that may face challenges in leveraging their existing client databases.

Jeff Lewis Siblings
Jeff Lewis pictured with Lea Black and his brother, Todd. (Source: Facebook)

Todd’s educational journey includes earning a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Nevada-Las Vegas between August 1994 and June 1998.

Both Todd and Jeff Lewis are recognized for their creativity and independence, suggesting that their elusive third brother likely shares these commendable qualities.

Despite maintaining a private life, it is evident that intelligence runs in the family, with all Jeff Lewis siblings making their mark in their respective fields.

While the identity and specifics of Jeff Lewis’ second younger brother remain undisclosed, the family’s collective success and individual achievements underscore a shared commitment to excellence.

Jeff Lewis siblings, each making unique contributions in their chosen paths, reflect a legacy of talent and determination within their close-knit family unit.

Jeff Lewis Is Very Close To His Sister-In-Law Carrie Berkman Lewis 

Jeff Lewis shares a remarkably close bond with his sister-in-law, Carrie Berkman Lewis, a prominent figure on his SiriusXM show, “Jeff Lewis Live” on channel 102.

Beyond being a key participant on the show, Carrie has made appearances in various other Jeff Lewis productions, showcasing the depth of their professional and personal connection.

Likewise, she has also featured in other shows such as “Hollywood Houselift with Jeff Lewis,” “Interior Therapy with Jeff Lewis,” and the long-running hit, “Flipping Out,” where she served as a real estate agent.

Jeff Lewis Siblings
Jeff Lewis pictured with his sister-in-law, Carrie, and Shawn Douglas. (Source: Instagram)

Her recurring role in “Jeff Lewis Live” since 2019 underscores the synergy between Jeff and Carrie in the realm of broadcasting. Carrie actively engages and shares insights into life.

Her social media is abuzz with regular updates about the live broadcasts. Excitement radiates through her announcements of the guests they invite to discuss all things marriage and real estate.

Outside their professional collaboration, Jeff Lewis is a vital figure in Carrie and Todd’s family. As a beloved great uncle to their two daughters, Jeff adds to the warmth and joy of their “healthy, happy family.”

The intertwined dynamics between Jeff Lewis and Carrie Berkman Lewis extend beyond the airwaves, showcasing a connection that goes beyond the professional realm, emphasizing the importance of family in both their lives.

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