Who Are Jeremy Doku Brother And Sister? Parents Details

Meet Jérémy Doku Brother and sister and discover his family details. Manchester City signed the footballer on 21 August 2023.

Jérémy Baffour Doku is a Belgian professional footballer winger for Manchester City and Belgium National Team.

Jérémy is nicknamed “The Belgian Flash” and is popular among fans for his speed, dribbling, and creativity on the football ground.

Before Joining Manchester City, Doku played for Anderlecht and Rennes. Similarly, he has also been part of the Belgium National Team since 2017, starting with the Under 15 Football squad.

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Get To Know Jeremy Doku Brother Jefferson Doku And Two Sisters

Jeremy Doku grew up in Antwerp, Belgium, and spent most of his early childhood alongside his elder brother, Jefferson Doku.

JérémyDoku’s brother Jefferson is a football agent at “DJ Sport Management”. He is three years older than Jérémy and is a prime supporter of his younger brother.

According to his status on his LinkedIn profile, Jefferson developed himself into a sports agent because he has always been involved in the football world.

During his youth, Jefferson Doku played for Tunantia Borgerhout, Royal Antwerp FC, and K Beerschot VA.

After just a few years of playing football, Jefferson ended his career because of the numerous injuries and health deterioration.

Then, Jérémy Doku’s brother gained experience at CAA Stella and started a managerial career as Jérémy Doku’s agent in 2022.

Similarly, based on the family agency, DJ Sport Management, Jefferson Doku also organized a football tournament called stre3t5 at least once a year.

Jeremy Doku Brother
Jérémy Doku’s brother is a football agent based on DJ sports management. (Source: Instagram)

Besides his brother, Jérémy Doku has two loving younger sisters of the sister’s, Chelsea, and the other’s identity is not disclosed.

When Doku was in Anderlecht’s Chelsea Football club, he was in discussion to sign a contract with him. At that time, Doku’s father mentioned in the conversation that his elder daughter’s name i.e. Chelsea.

Moreover, Jérémy’s younger sisters are high school students and prefer to maintain private life.

They are yet to be seen in the media platform of the two brothers, Jérémy and Jefferson Doku.

Furthermore, the two Doku brother adored their sisters and often spent holidays and leisure time together.

Jérémy Doku Parents And Family Details

Jérémy Doku was born on 27 May 2002 as the second child to his father, David Doku, and mother, Belinda Doku.

Jérémy’s father, David, is a former athlete, and his mother, Belinda, is a sports admirer.

Doku’s parents support him in his overall career and are always there in his important life events.

Jeremy Doku Brother
Jeremy Doku’s father is a former athlete, and his mother is also a sportsperson. (Source: Nieuwsblad)

When signing with his first club, Anderlecht, Jérémy was with his family, and now, when he signed with Manchester City. Jérémy is along with his father and brother.

His parents are close to their sons Jérémy and Jefferson Doku. Father David is a core member of the DJ sports management.

While Jérémy was in Anderlecht, his father and mother were frequently to the meetings and matches of the players.

Moreover, they had suggested the player sign with Liverpool while he was in Anderlecht, but Jérémy followed his heart and brother’s advice and remained in the club.

Jeremy Doku Brother
Jeremy Doku with his brother and father during the contract signed with Manchester City. (Source: Instagram)

Jérémy’s ethnicity lies in the blend of Belgian and Ghanaian roots. His familial roots are traced to the Ghana descent.

Jérémy was born in Belgium, and his parents are legal citizens of Belgium, so he is recognized as a proud Belgian.

However, Jérémy often engulfs himself in Ghanaian culture and enjoys his ancestry practices and customs.

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