Jewel Staite Tattoo: How Many Tatt Does She Have?

Want to know about Jewel Staite Tattoo; delve into the article for detailed information on the actress’s body arts. Jewel is popular among fans for her brilliant acting and gorgeous face, and she is also famous for her tattoos.

Jewel Belair Staite is a Canadian actress well-known for her role in the Fox television series Firefly as Kaylee Frye.

Similarly, she is popular among her fans as Jennifer Keller on the Sci-Fi tv series Stargate Atlantis and Becca “Fisher” in Flash Forward. Forty-one years old actresses began working as a model at a young age and started acting at six.

Besides her acting career, she is involved in charity and volunteering. Jewel has volunteered for organizations such as the AIDS Charity and the Dyslexia Foundation.

Furthermore, the actress also runs a personal blog, Happy Opu, where she discusses her life experiences with a focus on food and travel.

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Jewel Staite Tattoo: How Many Tatt Does She Have?

Canadian actress Jewel Staite is recognized as one of her generation’s most stylish and fashionable actresses.

She is also a fan of body art and patterns. Several times, she presented her view regarding tattoos and got trapped in discussions with fans and critics.

Jewel Staite tattoo
Jewel Staite has a great interest in tattoos and body art. (Source: Twitter)

According to the information and resources on her social media handles, Jewel has three tattoos.

Staite had her first body pattern in 2013 when she inked her lower back with the flying Pegasus- a Greek mythical majestic horse. At first, her tattoo was inked with full black color; however, Jewel colored her tattoo maroon pink later on.

Around 2016, the actress was inspired to draw another figure on her right hip. This time she painted watercolor flowers on her lower right hip. 

Jewel usually shows off her hip tattoos whenever she dresses in a swimsuit. On her 41st birthday, she glamourized her tattoo in a beautiful photoshoot, which she posted on her Instagram account.

Lastly, on March 1, 2021, Staite again posted her latest tattoos of the small pinkish lilac flowers on her upper back on the right side.

These three are Jewel Staite’s shown tattoos, and there might be other tattoos on the actress’s body that she is yet to reveal in the media. 

Otherwise, she is yet to have other body patterns besides these three body arts.

Jewel Staite Tattoos designs And meanings

Most people prefer to stick and poke with the different designs on their bodies because they want to represent their personality and desires through body paint.

Jewel is also an admirer and follower of tattoos; her body arts have a special meaning.

According to Vanishingtattoo, Pegasus represents loyalty, stamina, endurance, and speed. It also indicates the bearer as a person who can quickly adapt to any situation that a person has to face.

Jewel’s lower back Pegasus tattoo represents her personality; fans say she is outgoing and frank.

Similarly, the tattoo on Staite’s right lower hip is of a watercolor flower and its petals. Flower depicts purity, and it also symbolizes feminine strength. Watercolor art represents delicacy, transparency, and beauty.

Furthermore, Jewel’s upper back tattoo represents someone’s confidence in themselves. It also means enthusiasm, perfect for a person full of energy and happiness.

Jewel Staite tattoo
Jewel Staite’s upper back tattoo is of a Lilac flower. (Source: Instagram)

Jewel Staite must be a fan of tattoos and their design; the body designs she pierced primarily represent her true nature and desires.

Jewel’s interest in tattoos might attract her to another unique body pattern, and she might soon flaunt her tattoos on social media.

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