AFL: Who Are Jim Stynes Sister Teri-Ann And Dearbhla Stynes? Brothers And Family

Jim Stynes sisters and family have been in the interest of fans after Sam Docherty claimed the 2023 Jim Stynes Community Leadership Award.

James Peter Stynes, aka Jim Stynes, born on 23rd April 1966 in Dublin, Ireland, was an Irish-born footballer who transformed from Gaelic football to Australian rules football. 

Born on 23rd April 1966 in Dublin, Ireland, Stynes made a bold move to Australia at 18, kickstarting a career at the Melbourne Football Club.

Stynes’ 264-game career included a historic Brownlow Medal win in 1991, making him the only non-Australian-born player to achieve this feat.

Beyond the field, Stynes’ impact extended into philanthropy and youth work. In 1994, he co-founded The Reach Foundation for empowering young people.

His contributions were celebrated with numerous awards, including Victorian of the Year and the Order of Australia Medal, even after his death on 20 March 2012.

Likewise, the footballer’s legacy endures through the Jim Stynes Medal and scholarships that continue to inspire and support the next generation. 

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Jim Stynes Sisters, Dearbhla, Terri-Ann, And Sharon, Were His Support Systems

Jim Stynes had a remarkable support system, and at the heart of it were his three loving sisters: Dearbhla Stynes, Terri-Ann Stynes, and Sharon Stynes.

Their tireless support was not only evident during Jim’s illustrious football career but also during his courageous battle with illness.

Jim Stynes sister, Terri-Ann Stynes remains a more private figure, Dearbhla Stynes has made significant strides in her career.

She is not only an actress but also a Program Manager, Business Intelligence Leader, Speaker, and Business Analytics Advisory Board member.

Jim Stynes Sister
Jim Stynes sisters look identical to the athlete. (Source: Perth Now)

Similarly, Sharon Stynes has carved her own successful path, serving as the Foundation Manager at Caulfield Grammar School.

Jim Stynes sisters, with their talent and dedication, have led dignified and productive lives, just like their brilliant brothers.

Despite the passing of Jim Stynes, his sisters continue to honor his memory by attending AFL matches, paying tribute to his remarkable football journey.

Their enduring bond and support for each other illustrate their strength and the profound impact of their beloved brother, Jim Stynes.

Jim Stynes Brothers, Brian Stynes And David Stynes Are Also AFL Players

A lesser-known fact about Jim Stynes is that his brothers, Brian Stynes and David Stynes, also ventured into the world of AFL, continuing the Stynes family tradition.

Brian Stynes, born on September 29, 1971, followed in his older brother Jim’s footsteps by joining the Melbourne Football Club in the AFL in 1992.

While Brian was seen as a promising key position player at 190 cm, his AFL career was relatively brief, spanning just two games without scoring any goals.

However, his contributions to Gaelic football, especially with the Dublin county team and Ballyboden St Endas, showed his incredible talent.

Jim Stynes Sister
Jim Stynes and his younger brother, Brian, shared a close relationship. (Source: Buzz)

Meanwhile, David Stynes, born in 1976, played a pivotal role in Ireland’s victory in the 2002 AFI Cup and received All-Star Team honors.

David also led Ireland to success in the 2011 Australian Football International Cup.

In addition to his Australian rules football career, he represented Dublin GAA and played a significant role in the Australasian GAA Championships.

While Jim Stynes may no longer be with us, his brothers continue to honor his legacy through their impressive sporting careers.

Perhaps, as his brother excels in their respective sports and lives, Jim Stynes smiles down on his brothers from the heavens, proud of their accomplishments.

Know More About Jim Stynes Family, Ethnicity, And Religion

As mentioned earlier, Jim Stynes was born on April 23, 1966, in Dublin, Ireland, to Brian and Teresa Stynes.

He grew up in a loving Roman Catholic family, the eldest of six siblings born to Brian and Teresa Stynes.

Growing up in Rathfarnham, Ireland, he held his Christian faith close to his heart, which also helped him during challenging times, particularly in his battle with cancer.

Ethnically, Jim Stynes was proudly Irish, carrying the rich cultural heritage of his homeland with him wherever he went.

Jim Stynes Sister
Jim Stynes wife and children are frequently honoring him for the beast he was. (Source: The Age)

His Irish roots remained a significant part of his identity throughout his life, and he embraced his heritage with pride.

Family was at the core of Jim’s existence. He had three sisters and two brothers, all of whom shared a close bond.

In addition to his immediate family, Jim created a loving and happy family of his own when he married Samantha Stynes in 2000.

Together, they welcomed two beautiful children, Matisse and Tiernan. However, this family was left void after he died at a young age.

These children have since grown, with Tiernan displaying a keen interest in basketball, undoubtedly inheriting some of his father’s athleticism.

Jim Stynes’ legacy continues to be cherished and remembered by his family and his journey is a remarkable example of love, resilience, and faith.

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