Jochen Zenthöfer Wikipedia And Age: How Old Is The Journalist?

Explore the renowned journalist, Jochen Zenthöfer wikipedia and also discover how old is the journalist. 

Jochen Zenthöfer is an accomplished journalist from Luxembourg who has also gained fame in Germany due to his exceptional expertise across various fields such as law, writing, and investigative journalism.

He has extensively written about plagiarism in academic work to bring attention to this important issue with numerous publications on the subject matter.

Similarly, Zenthöfer’s passion for journalism is clear from his participation with Dissernet, committed to fighting fraudulent practices within Russian science through volunteer efforts.

Moreover, the books he has authored pertaining to his doctoral thesis and other subjects illustrate his commitment to upholding academic integrity alongside his journalistic pursuits.

Additionally, Dr. Jochen Zenthöfer has ventured into constitutional law, authoring a book on Staatsrecht which demonstrates his intellectual curiosity and a diverse range of knowledge explored within different contexts encompassing similar fields of study.

Likewise, his additional works are published on Amazon, which contain insights within relevant fields of study. Zenthöfer’s expertise and writing have had a major impact on both journalism and academia.

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Jochen Zenthöfer Wikipedia And Bio

Jochen Zenthöfer is a renowned journalist who has accomplished much in his field; however, he does not yet have a dedicated wikipedia page.

His journalistic work has covered an extensive range of subjects, from academic plagiarism to scholarly aspects of information and press coverage concerning scientific doctoral thesis issues.

During his days at school, Zenthofer worked with Krupp Verlag GmbH, where he acquired useful knowledge about reporting on numerous events.

Nowadays, based out of Luxembourg City, he actively participates in the SOS – Save Our Spectrum movement, which aims to safeguard crucial frequency bands that allow communication.

Jochen Zenthöfer Wikipedia
Jochen does not have a dedicated Jochen Zenthöfer Wikipedia page. (Source: Luxembourg Wort)

Likewise, Jochen pursued law studies in Bonn (Germany) and Australia before obtaining his financial science doctorate at Potsdam University. After finishing this ambitious educational phase, he turned into a legal assessor who also wrote speeches for North Rhine-Westphalia’s prime minister.

In 2007, Zenthöfer transitioned to the software and media company “Haufe-Lexware” in Freiburg, where he still works and has also contributed to the renowned publication Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung.

Beyond work, the journalist is happily married with a young child and actively supports the German railway sector via Deutsche Schienenhilfe.

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Jochen Zenthöfer Age: How Old Is He?

Born in 1977 in an undisclosed location, Jochen Zenthöfer is currently 27 years old.

Even from a young age, he displayed remarkable talent and a strong inclination toward the fields of journalism and law.

Carrying those interests forward, he pursued prestigious degrees from universities like Bonn, Sydney, and Berlin, where he excelled well.

Jochen Zenthöfer Wikipedia
Jochen Zenthöfer was born in 1997. (Source: Süddeutsche Zeitung)

At the same time, when studying at Bonn University as a student assistant, Zenthöfer got the valuable experience that laid down a solid foundation for him while working there as a research assistant later on.

Aiming to expand his legal knowledge further, Jochen went through an extensive legal clerkship program from 2003-2005 over two continents, Europe’s Berlin and Asia’s Jakarta, thus also getting the opportunity to study at the German University of Administrative Sciences located in Speyer.

Apart from his legal endeavors, he has written a number of books on diverse legal subjects. Some of his works as an author include “Introduction to the legal system in Luxembourg” and “Juristische Grundkurse / Band 18 – Staatsrecht 1: Staatsorganisationsrecht.”

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