Joey Paras Illness And Health 2023: Surgery Details

Delve into the article to learn about Joey Paras illness and discover the condition of his health.

Joey Paras was a Filipino theater, movie, and television actor. Similarly, he was also a director, filmmaker, singer, writer, playwright, and film producer.

Joey was recognized for his several play stories and his performance as an actor. Paras rose to prominence after the movie scene when he played the lead role in Last Supper Number 3.

Similarly, Joey Paras was the playwright behind “Bawal Tumawid, Nakakamatay,” one of the plays selected to be produced on stage in the seventh edition of Virgin Labfest (VLF).

Such a fantastic Filipino talent left the world on 29 October 2023 at the young age of forty-five.

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Joey Paras Illness And Health Condition In 2023

Joey Paras’s health condition started to deteriorate for a long time. Since early 2016, the actor has been battling with severe heart disease.

In 2016, Paras underwent heart surgery for the first time. It cost him a lot of wealth to treat, but because of his will to live a good and healthy life, he went to treat his health for good.

However, Joey faced another complication in 2018 and again underwent heart surgery.

During that time, the actor was going through lots of other minor health problems, and the surgery added risk to it.

Similarly, in the COVID-19 pandemic, Joey Paras dealt with several health complications. In June 2020, he faced edema and heart failure.

At that time, his capital was at risk; thus, Joey Paras sought financial help through social media.

Joey Paras Illness
Joey Paras Illness : The actor underwent several heart surgeries since 2016. (Source: Facebook)

It was reported that Joey Paras posted on his Instagram account revealing details about the angioplasty that he needed. The actor wrote, “Knocking on your door! Please help me. God bless you all. “

After the 2020 angioplasty operation, Joey took a break from work and focused entirely on his health.

Joey is often spotted in hospitals and health care centers. Even after several surgeries, his heart problems started to increase day by day.

At last, it became one of the significant causes of his life. On 29 October 2023, around 5:30 P.m., Joey lost his life in the long battle with his severe illness.

Joey Paras Illneess: Death Cause

The death of actor and TV personality Joey Paras has sent the sock waves in the Filipino entertainment industry. All of the Filipino celebrities and fans are in profound grief after the news.

The concerned authorities do not reveal the exact death cause, but it is believed that the actor died of heart failure.

One of Jory’s close friends posted; unfortunately, his heart couldn’t recover anymore. Thus, Joey Paras could not save his life with several surgeries that he went through since 2016.

Even after three major and several minor heart surgeries, Joey Paras could not lead the healthy and happy life he dreamed of and lost his life at the age of forty-five years.

Joey Paras Illness
Joey Paras Illness became the major cause to took his life. (Source: Facebook)

At present, Joey Paras’s remains are still at the hospital’s morgue. As family and friends need to settle his hospital bills, they have sought the generous public and fans to help raise a fund to cover his hospital bills.

Now, his family, friends, and fans want him to rest in peace and sleep in eternity after all the struggles he went through throughout his life on earth.

Sleep well, Joey Paras. You Will Be Remembered.

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