Who are Justina Machado Sister and Brother? Five Siblings

Many fans are curious to know about Justina Machado sister and brother, following Justina’s popularity in the film industry. 

Justina Milagros Machado, referred to as Justina Machado, is a popular American actress, producer and model. She is well-known for her role as Penelope Alvarez on the hit sitcom One Day at a Time

Some of her other significant features can be seen in Jane the Virgin, Queen of the South and Six Feet Under. Along with films and TV shows, she often appears in stage shows as well. 

Justina has very recently made a stunning comeback with the lead role of Dolores Roach in The Horror of Dolores Roach which is a horror and comedy TV show.  

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Justina Machado Sister Natalie

Family often gets tagged along with your name when you become a prominent figure in the public eye. So is the case with Justina Machado. 

While Justina likes to keep her personal life fairly private, she still makes sure to show hints of affection to her family through social media, mostly on Instagram. 

One of Justina Machado sister is Natalie Roman. Justina credited her for being the best sister and friend on her birthday. The actress stated that Natalie will always be her little baby, making a warm-hearted post on Instagram. 

Justina Machado Sister
Justina Machado with her sister Natalie Roman. (Source:  Instagram)

Natalie’s self-profile is a very playful display of her bright personality, with posts featuring her family and pets. 

She also owns a separate bakery page named nats.sweet.shop dedicated to cutely decorated cakes and great-looking doughnuts. 

In the bakery outlet, we don’t see much of Justina Machado sister personal life.

Natalie also makes posts supporting her sister’s work and writing words of affection on her own Instagram page.

The sisters quite evidently adore and support each other. 

Justina Machado Siblings And Family

Justina’s family further extends to a large circle. Born in Chicago, Illinois, Justina is one of the two children of Alicia Morales Ruiz and Ismael Machado.

Following the name of his father, her younger brother is also named Ismael Machado, to whom Justina often refers as Junior. 

Unfortunately, her mother later divorced and remarried due to personal reasons. The famous star’s mother had three more children, making Justina a sister of four siblings. 

Along with Natalie, she got blessed with two twin brothers, Kenneth Roman and Julian Roman. 

Justina is the eldest among all the siblings. The actress says that she is glad to be able to guide them in their lives.

Justina Machado’s brother Kenneth, also referred to as “Kenny,” moved in with the actress at the age of eighteen. They are often seen to be traveling and spending time together. 

The twin also owns a clothing company called The Tri-Collective. Justina is seen flaunting his works and supporting the clothing line any chance she gets. 

Justina shows love to her twin brothers through Instagram posts as well, mostly on their birthdays. The family is also seen spending special occasions like Thanksgiving together. 

Justina Machado Sister
Justina Machado spending quality time with her siblings. (Source: Instagram)

In contradiction to her luxurious and picture-perfect image, Justina didn’t grow up in the most comfortable circumstances.

Oftentimes, her mother had to move and seek cheaper housing to afford a decent livelihood. 

Despite that, Justina’s undeniable talent still thrived as time went by. She has come a long way with hard work and talent to become a successful actor. 

With what the family puts out in social media, we get the idea that Justina and her siblings often meet up with each other. One could say that they are always there for one another. 

Growing through the ups and downs of life together, the siblings clearly share a deeply close bond.

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