Is Kgomotso Christopher Pregnant In 2023? Weight Gain And Health Update

Fans are asking “Is Kgomotso Christopher pregnant?” as they have noticed some fluctuations on her weight and appearance. Get the update on her weight and health in this article.

Kgomotso Christopher is a highly acclaimed South African actress known for her versatile performances on television and film.

Born on January 25, 1979, in Soweto, South Africa, she rose to fame through her portrayal of Katlego Sibeko in the popular soap opera “Isidingo.” She has also appeared in other notable TV shows such as “Scandal!” and “Ashes to Ashes.”

With a career spanning over two decades, Kgomotso has earned numerous accolades, including South African Film and Television Awards (SAFTAs).

Being in the limelight for her talent, she has also garnered a lot of attention for her appearance and personal life. Read below to get updates about her.

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Is Kgomotso Christopher Pregnant In 2023? 

Rumors have been swirling around the entertainment industry as fans of renowned South African actress Kgomotso Christopher are left puzzled by a recent picture that sparked speculation about her pregnancy.

The picture has sparked people’s interest, and many have been asking if the actress is actually pregnant.

Kgomotso Christopher Pregnant
Is Kgomotso Christopher Pregnant is being asked by many as a picture of her holding celebratory card went viral. (Source: Instagram)

However, it turns out that the celebratory picture causing all the confusion was actually a snapshot of her receiving a nomination for Best Telenovela Actress!

Since tying the knot with her loving husband, Calvin Christopher, back in 2004, Kgomotso has already been relishing the joys of motherhood.

Kgomotso Christopher and her husband, Calvin Christopher, have been fortunate to have two lovely children, named Lesika Leatile Christopher and Larona Lehakwe Christopher.

While Kgomotso has experienced the bliss of pregnancy in the past, it seems that the current rumours of her expecting another child have no foundation.

The misleading picture that triggered the speculation was more evidence of her exceptional talent and recognition in the industry than a pregnancy announcement.

Because neither her Instagram nor her team has posted any pictures indicating pregnancy, the rumours remain just that.

So, to answer people asking, “Is Kgomotso Christopher regnant?” No, she is not.

Kgomotso Christopher Weight Gain And Health Update

With rumours regarding pregnancy, some have started wondering if Christopher has gained weight as well. Well, since she is not pregnant, there has been no pregnancy-related weight gain.

The journey related to the body weight of the actress is the opposite of what the rumours have been going on about.

Despite the common desire for weight loss, actress Kgomotso Christopher finds herself on a different path, desperately seeking to add kilogrammes.

Kgomotso Christopher pregnant
Kgomotso Christopher struggles with gaining weight. (Source: Instagram)

Christopher has struggled with weight gain since her early years. Now a mother of two, she has decided to seek the assistance of biokinetics practitioner Letshego Moshoeu to help her achieve a more bulky physique.

The challenge lies in Christopher’s high metabolism, which means her body burns calories at a faster rate than the average person.

In an interview with Sowetanlive, Christopher explains, “I have faced a lifetime of being called names due to my weight. Despite having a large appetite, I lose weight uncontrollably. The more I eat, the more I seem to disappear.”

Unfortunately, this has led to misconceptions about her dietary habits and potential eating disorders.

Production companies have even arranged tests and consultations with dieticians and nutritionists, but no underlying issues have been identified.

Christopher expresses her frustration, saying, “People think I am hiding something.”

While many people tend to gain weight when stressed, Christopher experiences the opposite effect.

Despite not experiencing weight gain naturally, she is actively working towards intentionally adding weight to her frame, seeking a healthier and more balanced physique.

Additionally, other than her struggle with gaining weight, she has healthy body and mind. There has been no recent news of any trouble related to her health from her team.

We hope she keeps her good health and gains all the weight and happiness she aspires to gain.

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