Laurence Fox Siblings: Meet Sister Lydia Fox And Brother Jack, Thomas And Robin Fox

Laurence Fox siblings: The accomplished actor known for his remarkable talent has a sibling equally as intriguing—meet his sister, Lydia and brother Jack, Thomas and Robin Fox.

Laurence Fox, an English actor, broadcaster, musician, and political activist, hails from the renowned Fox family in the entertainment industry.

After graduating from the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art, he made his film debut in 2001 with “The Hole.”

However, his role as James Hathaway in the drama series “Lewis” from 2006 to 2015 catapulted him to fame.

Transitioning from acting to music, Fox ventured into the world of music with his studio album, “Holding Patterns.” His versatile talents have allowed him to make strides in multiple creative fields.

Beyond his artistic pursuits, Fox has also gained attention for his involvement in political activism.

His outspoken views and engagement in public debates have stirred discussions in various social and political circles.

In essence, Laurence Fox’s multifaceted career and willingness to engage in critical conversations make him a prominent figure in both the entertainment industry and the realm of public discourse.

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Laurence Fox siblings: Sister Lydia And Brother Jack, Thomas And Robin Fox

Laurence Fox, renowned for his fantastic acting skills, shares a special bond with his sister and brothers.

His sister, Lydia Fox, is part of a family deeply rooted in acting.

She is the daughter of the renowned actor James Fox and Mary Elizabeth Piper, and her siblings include Laurence Fox, along with three brothers, Jack, Thomas, and Robin Fox.

This family tree is filled with talented actors, extending to uncles, her husband, and even her sister-in-law, the actress Billie Piper.

Laurence Fox Siblings
Laurence Fox with his four Siblings (Source: The Sun)

On September 8, 2007, Lydia Fox tied the knot with actor, comedian, writer, and director Richard Ayoade.

This union makes her the sister-in-law of the well-known actress Billie Piper, married to her brother Laurence Fox.

Meanwhile, her brother Jack Fox has made a name for himself as a British actor. As the fourth son of James Fox and his late wife Mary, he continues the family tradition of acting.

Jack’s journey in the entertainment world began with television roles in critically acclaimed shows like “Fresh Meat” (2011).

He has since taken on diverse roles in various series, including the Golden Globe-nominated National Geographic series “Genius,” BBC One’s “Privates,” “Upstart Crow,” NBC’s “Dracula,” ITV’s “Mr. Selfridge,” “Lewis,” “Midsomer Murders,” and Crackle’s “Snatch.”

The Fox family’s artistic legacy runs deep, with Lydia’s siblings and extended family members leaving their marks in acting and entertainment.

Laurence Fox Family Details And Ethnicity

Laurence Fox comes from a family deeply entrenched in the world of acting. His father, James Fox, is a prominent actor who played King George V in a film.

This familial connection to acting more profound deeper, as his cousin Emilia Fox portrayed Queen Elizabeth II in “The Queen” (2009), and his uncle Edward Fox took on the role of King Edward VIII (the Duke of Windsor) in “Edward & Mrs. Simpson.”

The Fox family has a rich history of contributing to the world of film and television.

Laurence Fox Siblings
Laurence Fox, with h, is father James Fox (Source: The Telegraph)

Laurence’s mother is Mary Elizabeth Piper, who, while not as widely recognized as her husband and other family members, has been an essential part of the Fox family’s support network.

Together, they have raised a family that has significantly contributed to the entertainment industry.

In terms of ethnicity, the Fox family is primarily of British descent.

They have roots in the United Kingdom, and their legacy in British cinema and television is a testament to their cultural and artistic connection to the country.

Their family’s talent and dedication to acting have allowed them to tell compelling stories on both the big and small screens, leaving a lasting impact on the entertainment world.

With a father, cousin, and uncle who have all made their mark in the acting world and a mother who has supported them, their family’s heritage is deeply intertwined with British cinema and television.

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