Makado 600 Charges And Arrest Detail: Jail Fight Reddit Update

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Makado 600, real name Makavelle Sampson, was an iconic American rapper and the driving force behind the renowned rap group “600.”

He captivated audiences worldwide with his unique style and storytelling and left an indelible mark on the competitive hip-hop landscape.

Tragedy struck on September 28, 2023, when news broke of Makado 600’s untimely demise behind prison bars, sending shockwaves throughout the music community.

Speculation surrounds the circumstances of his passing, with conflicting reports emerging.

Some suggest a tragic drug overdose, shedding light on the pervasive struggle with substance abuse in the entertainment industry.

Others raise questions of possible foul play while incarcerated. As the rap world mourns this profound loss, tributes pour in from fellow artists, fans, and admirers.

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Makado 600 Charges: A Look At The Accusations and Arrest Details

On a fateful summer night in 2017, the Washington Park neighborhood on Chicago’s South Side faced an unthought tragedy.

The stormy Wednesday evening of June 28 witnessed a horrifying ambush-style attack that left two innocent women, Juliet Washington and Jeanine Dowell, fatally wounded.

Juliet Washington, a 41-year-old, and Jeanine Dowell, a 32-year-old from Roseland, met a tragic end when their SUV was riddled with bullets at a red light.

The assailants, later identified as Makavelle Sampson and Kevin Brown, quickly fled after the ruthless attack on their car.

Makavelle Sampson, also known as Makado 600, found himself in the legal crosshairs in the aftermath of the incident. He had a long history of criminal records. 

Makado 600 Charges
Makado 600 and his friend, Brown, faced charges of double homicide. (Source: Chicago Sun-Times)

Further, the 28-year-old rapper was charged with a total of 12 felonies, including murder, just the previous year, to which he pleaded not guilty.

Brown, his accused accomplice, was charged with similar offenses. Following this, the two were charged for the double homicide of the innocent mothers.

Despite the fact that the evidence against the accused appeared to be convincing, Chicago police and Cook County prosecutors were unable to identify a motive for the attack.

Additionally, during Sampson’s hearing, prosecutors revealed that he had made multiple calls(15) to an individual facing aggravated battery charges related to Jeanine Dowell.

So, with all the evidence pointing towards the two, Makado 600, aka Makavelle Sampson and Kevin Brown, be convicted of the offense.

According to Sportskeeda, Makado 600 was charged and sentenced to 26 years in prison.

Community Reactions and Speculations: Reddit’s Latest Updates on the Jail Fight Incident

In the wake of the news surrounding Makado 600, two videos have surfaced on Reddit, generating significant buzz across social media platforms.

One video, dated back to 2019, features Makado 600 in an unexpected setting—a police interview.

In this intriguing footage, a police officer questions Makado 600 about potential injuries and whether he wishes to press charges against an inmate with whom he had a confrontation.

Surprisingly, Makado 600 declined to pursue charges and was seen smiling. The video was 34 seconds long and included specific details of the fight date.

Furthermore, a more recent video posted by a Reddit user named ChooskiiDaReal23233 on September 2, 2023, has added fuel to the speculation fire.

Makado 600 Charges
In the leaked video, Makado 600 was seen in the same green prison jumpsuit. (Source: Instagram)

This CCTV-leaked footage depicts Makado 600 in a green jumpsuit with long braids. The 53-second-long video shows the fight and team formation within inmates.

In the video, an inmate without a shirt aggressively provokes Makado 600 verbally and physically, leading to a sudden outburst of violence.

Makado 600 and his companion wasted no time in responding to the provocation. The intense altercation soon drew in other inmates to join them.

Despite the intensity of the altercation, reports suggest that Makado 600 did not sustain injuries in the fight. So, the circumstances surrounding his demise remain a mystery.

These two videos paint a picture of Makado 600 as someone prone to fights, even within the confines of a prison cell, but his ultimate cause of death remains a perplexing puzzle.

As Reddit users continue to dissect these videos and speculate about Makado 600’s life and untimely death, the mystery deepens, leaving more questions than answers in its wake.

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