Who Are Marron Soriano And Sebastien Soriano? Maricel Soriano Kids Age Gap

Get an insider’s look into the lives of Maricel Soriano kids, Marron and Sebastien, and how they continue to excel in their fields.

Maricel Soriano, known as the “Diamond Star,” is a highly regarded Filipino actress and television personality with a career spanning over five decades.

Beginning her journey as a child actress in 1971, she won her first “Best Child Actress” award at the Manila Tagalog Film Festival for her role in “Alaala Mo, Daigdig Ko” in 1973.

Likewise, she became a household name with her role as Shirley Puruntong in the iconic sitcom “John en Marsha,” which ran for nearly two decades.

The 1980s marked her rise to stardom, with Maricel becoming one of the first Regal Babies. She also acted in hit films like “Inday Bote,” “Batang Quiapo,” and “Babaing Hampaslupa.”

Soriano’s contribution to the entertainment industry has not gone unnoticed. Her honors include three Asian Television Awards, five FAMAS Awards, and various other nominations.

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Maricel Soriano Kids: Bond With Both Of Her Sons

Maricel Soriano is celebrated for her illustrious career and her role as a devoted and loving mother to her two sons.

The actress’ unique family story includes the adoption of her eldest son, Marron Soriano, whom she welcomed into her life with her ex-partner, Ronnie Rickett.

Her second son, Sebastien, is her birth child, fathered by her former boyfriend, politician Cesar Jalosjos. What sets Maricel Soriano apart is her close and affectionate bond with her two sons.

Their strong connection is evident as they frequently appear in her YouTube videos, providing glimpses into their family life.

In one heartwarming video, both of her sons engage in candid conversations, sharing their thoughts on various subjects, including her acting in different films.

Maricel Soriano Kids
Maricel Soriano’s kids, Marron (left)and Sebastian (right), were featured in a YouTube video with her. (Source: Youtube)

While her children’s exact professions and educational pursuits remain undisclosed, watching her YouTube content reveals some personality traits.

The eldest son appears more extroverted, while the youngest seems introverted and tends to be reserved in speech. Regardless, it’s evident that they share a profound and happy family life.

Although limited information about Maricel Soriano kids is available, it is safe to assume that she has provided them with ample opportunities to pursue their dreams and ambitions.

As Maricel Soriano kids have transitioned into adulthood, taking various responsibilities, it’s foreseeable that they will accomplish remarkable feats in their respective lives.

Notably, their family is complete with two furry companions, their beloved furbabies, adding warmth and joy to their lives.

Maricel Soriano’s remarkable achievements in her career and personal life showcase her as a talented actress and a loving mother, setting an example for many.

What Is The Age Gap Between Maricel Soriano Kids?

The age gap between Maricel Soriano’s kids has been a curiosity among her fans, and as reported by PEP, it stands at a noticeable seven years.

Marron Soriano, her eldest, came into the world in 1987, marking the beginning of Soriano’s journey into motherhood.

Seven years later, in 1994, she welcomed her youngest son, creating a 7-year age gap between the two siblings.

This age difference has undoubtedly played a role in shaping their unique personalities and their close relationship.

Maricel Soriano Kids
The happy family pictured during Christmas. (Source: Facebook)

Despite the age gap, Maricel Soriano’s children share a deep and affectionate connection. They are more like best friends.

Likewise, the brothers are known for appearing together in her YouTube videos, allowing fans to glimpse their harmonious family life.

The 7-year age gap seems to have positively influenced their relationship, as they not only share a familial connection but also complement each other in various ways.

Their unique qualities and shared experiences have brought them closer, enriching their lives and mothers.

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