Matty Horkan Accident Update: What Happened To Him? TikTok Update

Lately, the TikTok community has been curious about Matty Horkan accident. In this article get insight into how this nature lover ended up with severe injuries that saddened everyone. 

Matty Horkan, an avid nature lover who strongly believes in the healing power of nature, is identified by most TikTok users as a positive person with witty humor. He has been followed by many on the social media platform, who love the updates of his travels.

On a mission to connect people with nature, Matty used to travel to beautiful places, making people aware of the need for and importance of biodiversity and environmental conservation.

Being part of ‘The Good Grief‘ project, he scaled Mount Kilimanjaro with the purpose of raising money for the charity that provides support to those grieving the loss of a loved one.

Besides getting trained as a Forest Therapy Guide, he has been spreading awareness through podcasts, short films, and his social media posts about various issues related to the environment.

This jolly personality, unfortunately, met with a severe accident while completing one of his missions in Tenerife. Read more about it below.

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Matty Horkan Accident Update: What Happened To Him?

During the first week of March this year, Matty updated his TikTok family about his travels to Tenerife, where he was seen going on a 7-day hike and also whale watching. However, his updates suddenly stopped, making people curious about his well-being and travel.

Sadly, on April 23, 2023, his father took his Tiktok account to update him that Matty had met with a grievous accident during his stay in Tenerife. His updates on the app have provided us with knowledge of what actually happened to him.

Matty Horkan Accident
Matty Horkan is an avid traveler, promoting Forest Therapy for mental health. (Source: MattyHorkan)

Approximately five weeks before his father’s update, Matty met with a swimming accident during his volunteering session. However, the exact details of Matty Horkan’s accident are not available. According to the update, he had been in the ICU for four weeks in Tenerife.

After the initial four weeks, he was brought back to Kent, his home, and kept on a ventilator. He has suffered a severe spinal cord injury; sadly, his C2 vertebrae have been broken and damaged.

There was a big operation to recover the vertebrae, but the surgeons have indicated that his spinal cord has some irreversible damage.

Moreover, he has no movement in his legs, and it is also unlikely to come back. His right arm had some movement, but his left arm showed little to no mobility.

Matty had been strictly kept on the ventilator with a 15-minute break, where he had conversations with his parents and friends.

Despite some rough nights and days where he could not sleep and suffered mentally, he had otherwise been making progress and has been off the ventilator for some time now.

How Is Matty Now? Recent TikTok Updates By His Father

After his son’s inability to make TikToks for obvious reasons, his father has taken the baton from him to upload updates on his account, @mattyhorkan. He has been posting updates on Matty’s progress and recovery every few days.

The updates about Matty Horkan’s accident that started on May 23 have been going on. The latest update on June 13 and 17 mentioned Matty’s chest infection as well as a urine infection, but his father mentioned that his son has been fighting them well and that they are just some minor health issues right now. Otherwise, Matty has been going out and making progress.

Matty Horkan Accident
His father has been regularly updating about Matty Horkan’s accident and recovery on TikTok. (Source: TikTok)

Sean, the wholesome youngster’s father, has been a ray of positivity like his son in the TikTok videos, constantly hailing Matty for having a fighting spirit and acknowledging even the slightest improvement in his condition.

Similarly, he can be heard constantly appreciating the health worker’s effort for the betterment of his son.

Matty’s official website mentions that, in 2012, he suddenly lost his younger brother, Joe, at the age of 12, and he also sadly lost his elder brother, James, who passed away before he was born.

So it has definitely been hard for Matty’s parents to see their only living son in such a condition. Their resilience needs all the love and praise.

Moreover, a GoFundMe page has also been formed to support his vision of ‘Joe Wild. “Our son is an initiative to organize and facilitate activities for people to reconnect with nature to better their own lives, their mental health, and the planet.”

Both Matty and his parents have shown amazing strength post-Matty Horkan’s accident.

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