Meet Jailoshini Naidoo Husband Koobesen Naidoo: Married Life

Jailoshini Naidoo husband: Koobesen Naidoo, is a co-actor with whom she has shared a role. In real life, Jailoshini is unmarried and single, focusing entirely on her career development.

Jailoshini Naidoo is a well-known figure in the field of entertainment industry of South Africa. Additionally, Naidoo has also been able to grab many awards.

Naidoo has also established herself as an emcee, actress, teacher, businesswoman, voiceover artist, and radio and television presenter.

The actress has a B.Paed degree in Drama, English, and Education from the University of Durban, Westville.

Later in life, Naidoo also studied communications at UNISA and Public Relations at Damelin.

Before Jailoshini got into the entertainment industry, she used to teach English and Drama to the students.

Naidoo has marked her appearance in various theatre comedy productions and festivals as Aunty Rumba.

Interestingly, Naidoo had her show, ‘At the Edge,’ performed at a Theatre Festival in India.

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Jailoshini Naidoo Husband Koobesen Naidoo

As being engaged in entertainment, Jailoshini Naidoo has garnered enough attention from the public.

People have also been interested in knowing about Jailoshini Naidoo’s husband.

Sharing a common last name and having played the characters Nirupa and Pranav Rampersad in Imbewu, people tend to think that Koobesen Naidoo is the husband of Jailoshini Naidoo.

However, to clear things up, they are not married to one another in real life.

Jailoshini Naidoo Husband
Jailoshini Naidoo and Koobesen Naidoo are not married. (Source: Instagram)

But both Koobesen and Jailoshini are good friends as they studied drama together at the University. Koobesen is married to Kumseela and has three children.

Although Jailoshini seems to be at a marriageable age, she is probably single and unmarried.

The actress might also be in a secret relationship that has not been revealed yet by her due to privacy and is entirely her choice.

If, in the future, the actress chooses to be in a relationship, she will share it with her dedicated followers on her Instagram as she always does. For now, let us not attempt to invade someone’s privacy.

Jailoshini Naidoo Career Explained

Jailoshini Naidoo, a popular name in the entertainment industry, has an established career as an actress, comedian and television presenter.

Naidoo’s appearance and success on television, film, stage and radio have made her a household name.

Currently, Jailoshini works as a presenter on SABC2’s Eastern Mosaic, through which she has gathered a great fan base with the deliverance of grace, simplicity and charisma.

Jailoshini is a versatile personality with mastery in various fields, among which theatre is also one.

Jailoshini Naidoo Career
Jailoshini Naidoo is equally talented and involved in theatre as well. (Source: Instagram)

Naidoo has performed nationwide in various arenas, including The Market Theatre, Baxter Theatre, The Playhouse, and the Grahamstown and Hilton Arts Festivals.

Amongst the roles that Jailoshini has portrayed, some of her well-known and admired performances include her lead roles in multi-award winning Kickstart Production’s ‘God of Carnage’ and ‘Jungle Book,’ ‘Queens of Comedy,’ ‘Jimbo,’ ‘The Coolie Odyssey.’

The list also includes ‘Curry on Laughing,’ which she co-wrote. It also includes her one-woman show ‘1949’ in which she played 38 characters.

Jailoshini performed At the Edge and Other Cato Manor Stories in 2010, a one-woman show where she played over 30 characters.

Besides, Jailoshini has also shown her versatility by appearing in comedy, as a television and radio presenter, and as an emcee.

Jailoshini’s career unfolds with time, and she is expected to garner more success in the coming days.

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