UFC Michael Morales Parents: Mother Katty Hurtado And Father

There has been a significant amount of curiosity among people about UFC’s Michael Morales parents; mother Katty Hurtado and father. 

Michael Morales is an Ecuadorian mixed martial arts fighter who competes in the welterweight category of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC).

Looking at his professional fighting career, Michael has never lost any match till now. Out of 15 fights, he has been successful in winning all 15 fights including 11 knockouts, 1 submission, and 3 decisions.

Having entered the professional field in 2017 after winning Ecuador’s national freestyle wrestling and Muay Thai championships, Michael has appeared in and won many matches. 

His reputation for striking in fights highlights his ability to win inbydifficult knockouts and submissions.

Through his excellent performance and dedication, Michael has been able to establish himself as a prominent fighter in this field. 

Presently, ranked at #35 current best MMA Welterweight Fighter, fans have anticipated many other outstanding accomplishments from Michael in his future career fights.

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UFC Michael Morales Parents: Mother Katty Hurtado And Father

Behind every successful fighter lies a robust support system, and UFC’s rising star Michael Morales is no exception. 

While fans are very focused on the player himself, there has also been certain curiosity about his parents.

Though Michael himself has not shared many details regarding his dad and mom, he has opened up about his parents’ support and their role in his career.

Michael Morales’s mother, Katty Hurtado herself is a third Dan judo black belt who retired from competition when she was 42.

She was a judo athlete in El Oro until 2019 and later decided to return to competition in 2022. 

Moreover, Michael father, just like his mother Katty,  is a judo teacher as well. 

Michael Morales parents
Michael Morales with his mother, Katty Hurtado, who is a professional judo player. (Source: Instagram)

Likewise, she is Michael’s first coach and his ‘Number-1′ fan.

Looking at his parents’ fighting background, it is evident that our star owes his fighting spirit to his mom and dad. He carries the fighting spirits in his veins.

His parents’ experience and expertise have undoubtedly influenced Morales’ approach to martial arts. Their knowledge of judo and combat has allowed them to provide invaluable guidance, insights, and emotional support to their son.

Moreover, Katty’s support for her son’s UFC career has been unwavering. From his early days in the gym to the rise in UFC, she has been a pillar of strength for Michael. 

Although personal details about his father are not disclosed to the public due to privacy reasons, he too has played a significant role in shaping Michael’s career. 

Michael has never hesitated to dedicate his victory to his parents. He has a solid connection to his family, which he is seen sharing frequently on his social media handles.

Michale Morales Family Ethnicity

In the world of MMA, people are often very curious about the background of the fighters including their family ethnicity.

While information about Michael Morales remains a secret, it is known that Morales holds Ecuadorian nationality. And so do his siblings and parents.

Despite him being a citizen of Ecuador, many believe that he is half-Mexican as well. However, he himself and his parents have not spoken anything about it.

Michael Morales
Michael Morales is a highly acclaimed fighter in UFL. (Source: Instagram)

His connection to his country Ecuador has influenced his cultural perspective and has also shaped his identity.

Morales believes one’s religious beliefs should not define their career choices, and that’s why he chooses not to discuss his personal beliefs in the media.  

However, his spiritual inclinations have left an impact on his life, helping him to maintain his ground.

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