Why Is Miko Yeoh Murder Trending? Boyfriend Yi Ming

What is the story behind Miko Yeoh murder? Why the news is trending all across the internet? Find out in this article.

Recently, the news has been circulating across the media about Miko Yeoh murder and the accident case. Many people are curious about the story of Miko Yeoh and the incident.

Miko YeohYang Yiwen is an Instagram beauty and an internet personality. She is popular for her beauty and boldness across the internet.

Miko’s popularity has earned more than 45K followers on her Instagram account. 

Currently, Miko Yeoh is facing public lash because of the murder and accident case that happened on 27 October 2023 in Johor, Malaysia.

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Miko Yeoh Murder Trending? Is She Really Faulty?

According to the news reports, we came to know that, on 27 October 2023, a car speeding at full speed hit the Johor royal palace fence and crashed on the highway.

It is reported that the person inside was not injured, but they are recognized as vicious criminals with their names on the wanted list.

The nationality of the people is yet to be known. Netizen believes that they might be of Chinese identity or Singaporean.

In between all of this, internet star Miko Yeoh’s name came front, indicating that she had the main role in the accident and the murder.

As the people showed more interest in the case, Miko Yeoh murder started to trend in the social media platforms.

As per the Instagram comments on Miko Yeoh’s photos, it is known that the person who was in the car was arrested for murder and stabbing an innocent person.

Miko Yeoh Murder
Miko Yeoh Murder: Johor accident immersed the Miko Yeoh murder case. (Source: Instagram)

The scenes of the accident, murder, and stabbing are all said to revolve around Miko Yeoh claiming that she is responsible for the murder of the man.

Apparently, the man who was stabbed and killed was together with Miko Yeoh. She said that she is single and the moment and is not connected to anyone.

But after some days of dating and meeting, Miko got back with her boyfriend and threatened the innocent man for money, and others also abused him.

After the fight and quarrel, Miko and her boyfriend told the victim to give him a day to prepare, but when he was walking to pick up the car, Miko’s boyfriend pulled out a sharp weapon and rushed inside the body of that man.

The murder theories and news are all across the internet, and people are shouting at Miko to tell the truth to the public.

Miko Yeoh Murder Case: Her Boyfriend, Yi Ming

As per the news and public posts, Miko Yeoh has been in a relationship with her boyfriend, Yi Ming, for a long time.

However, the day she met the victim of the murder. Miko quarreled with her boyfriend, Yi Ming, and apparently broke up with him.

Thus, claiming that Miko is single, she came to the nightclub to have fun. The innocent man decided to say that he was dating Miko because she was single and compatible.

However, things took a turn when Miko Yeoh-Yang Yiwen got back to her boyfriend and accused the new man of abuse, molestation, and threats.

Miko Yeoh Murder
Yang Yiwen, Miko Yeoh with her boyfriend Yi Ming. (Source: Facebook)

Yi Ming already had one criminal record in Singapore, and then he said that he was not afraid to commit another crime and kill an innocent one.

However, after a long fight, quarrel, and lots of discussion, the man was killed with a sharp instrument, and Yi Ming was ready to flee.

He was caught in the attention after his car crashed into the Johor Royal Palace fence. Now, the news reports that Yi Ming has been arrested and charged with murder and stabbing.

Further details of Miko Yeoh’s murder and the accident are yet to come.

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