Who Is Ally Aldama Monica Aldama Daughter? Wiki Age

Monica Aldama’s life is marked by her significant achievements as a cheerleading coach and her daughter Ally, who followed in her footsteps.

Monica Aldama, born in 1972 in Corsicana, Texas, is a prominent American cheerleading coach recognized for her leadership of the coed cheerleading team at Navarro College.

She is married to Chris Aldama and has authored a book titled “Full Out: Lessons in Life and Leadership from America’s Favorite Coach.”

Beyond coaching, Monica has appeared in television shows such as “Cheer” and “Cheer Squad.”

Her active presence on Instagram, where she can be found under the username @monicaaldama, provides glimpses into her life.

Despite her professional success, recent news has brought attention to Monica Aldama due to reports about her son, Austin Aldama, facing 10 child pornography charges.

He was arrested, and although released on bond, he did not have to pay the fee; however, this development has cast a spotlight on Monica’s personal life.

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Who Is Ally Aldama, Monica Aldama’s Daughter?

Monica Aldama, renowned as the beloved coach on Netflix’s reality series Cheer, has a multifaceted life beyond her professional career.

Recent events involving her son, Austin, have shocked her followers despite her coaching success.

Monica has two supportive children, including her daughter Kristian Alexandra, also known as Ally.

Monica Aldama Daughter
Ally Aldama, Monica Aldama Daughter (Source: IMDb)

While Austin graduated from Texas Tech University, Ally pursued her education at Southern Methodist University, driven by her interest in cheerleading, particularly at Navarro College.

Emulating her mother’s path, Ally joined the cheerleading squad at her university. 

Ally’s cheerleading journey at Navarro, highlighted on Monica’s Instagram in 2018, preceded her enrollment at SMU.

Although Cheer showcased Monica’s coaching prowess, the series did not extensively delve into her family life.

In December 2020, she happily accepted a proposal from her longtime boyfriend, Trevor Denbow, and the delightful couple scheduled to exchange vows in May 2022.

Monica’s husband, Chris Aldama, has made occasional appearances; the couple has been married for over 30 years, having known each other since middle school.

Despite a brief 2006 divorce, Monica and Chris remarried in 1994, highlighting their enduring commitment, as revealed in Monica’s new book.

More On Monica Aldama Daughter: Wiki Age

Monica Aldama daughter, Kristian Alexandra (Ally) does not have a Wikipedia page and her age has also not been mentioned. 

Aldama, a renowned cheerleading coach and television personality, gained widespread recognition through the Netflix docuseries ‘Cheer.’

The show depicts the challenges and dynamics of the 2019 Navarro College coed cheerleading team.

Born on February 9, 1972, she relocated from Alabama to Corsicana, Texas, at the age of six.

Monica, a graduate of Corsicana High School, continued her cheerleading journey at Tyler Junior College.

Monica Aldama Daughter
Coach Monica with her family- children and husband (Source: Distractify)

She ultimately earned a B.B.A. in Finance from the University of Texas at Austin and a Master of Business Administration degree from the University of Texas at Tyler.

Her coaching journey began in 1995 when Monica took charge of the cheer team at Navarro College Bulldogs.

Under her adept guidance, the squads have achieved remarkable success, securing 14 NCA National Championships in their division since 2000.

Monica’s impact extends beyond Navarro College, as she has appeared on ‘The Ellen DeGeneres Show,’ Oprah’s live tour, and ‘Dancing with the Stars’ season 29.

While fans admire her professional accomplishments, there is a consistent curiosity about Monica’s family and daily life, and here is a glimpse into everything we can share about it.

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