Who Is Ben Rosenthal, Monica Horan Son? Wikipedia And Girlfriend

Questions relating to the life of Monica Horon son, his girlfriend and wikipedia have created quite a buzz on the internet. 

Ben Rosenthal is the only son of Monica Horon. She is an American actress popularly known for playing Amy Louise MacDougall Barone in ‘CBS’ network’s sitcom television series. 

Moreover, she also appeared in ‘The Bold and the Beautiful’ as Kieran Cannistra for which she was nominated for the ‘Daytime Emmy Award’ for ‘Outstanding Special Guest Performer in a Drama Series.’

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Who Is Ben Rosenthal, Monica Horan Son?

Monica Horan’s marriage has often become the most discussed topic on the internet.

Monica gave birth to two children after her successful marriage with Philip Rosenthal, who served as producer of Everybody Loves Raymond. This lovely couple has one son and one daughter. 

Ben Rosenthal is Monica Horan’s son and is cousin to Lily Rosenthal.

Monica Horan son
Ben Rosenthal is the only son of Monica Horan. (Source: Instagram)

Just like his mother and father, Ben has also been active in the entertainment industry. The episode ‘The Angry Family‘ was based on Ben.

His father, Philip Rosenthal admitted that he was inspired by Ben for The Angry Family episode. 

When Ben was in elementary school, he read a story for his school project titled The Angry Family. It was about a mother and father squabbling with each other. 

And, to Philip, it instantly clicked that it can be in his show, which turned out to be the best decision because of the popularity the episode received. 

Monica Horan Son Wikipedia 

Despite being the son of a popular actress and a producer, Ben Rosenthal has always preferred privacy in his life. 

He prefers to keep his private and public life separate, rarely sharing details with the public.

While Ben’s age is not revealed to the public, it is estimated that he is in his early 30s, living a happy and healthy life with his parents in Los Angeles. 

Ben Rosenthal family
Ben Rosenthal with his mother, father, and sister. (Source: Instagram)

Similarly, information about his occupation or profession is also not revealed to the media.

But this amazing person loves horse riding and was often seen posting on his social media handle about this. 

Also, he loves driving with his dad, Philips Rosenthal, often when they both have time.

Lately, he has not been that active on Instagram, which has worried his fans and followers. He might have needed a break from all this. 

Nevertheless, Ben Rosenthal is living a luxurious life with his girlfriend, mother, father and his sister.

Ben Rosenthal Girlfriend DeLaney Harter

Ben is currently in a serious relationship with his long-term girlfriend, DeLaney Harter. 

DeLaney Harter is a well-known violinist and actor. She graduated from Walnut Hills School For The Arts in music.

Throughout her career, Ben Rosenthal’s girlfriend has done notable shows and been part of many popular tv shows that have helped her to be an established violinist in the music industry.

She has appeared in several TV Shows like The Late Late Show hosted by James Corden.

Ben Rosenthal Girlfriend
Ben Rosenthal with his girlfriend DeLaney Harter enjoying lunch together. (Source: Instagram)

Moreover, DeLaney has also been a part of Olivia Rodrigo’s famous song All I Want, for which she gained amazing responses.

She is also featured in a new Cadillac commercial with musical artist Labirnth, who scores the HBO show Euphoria.

Talking about her romantic relationship with his boyfriend Ben Rosenthal, they are in a happy and healthy relationship.

These two love birds have been dating each other for a long time. Even though the time of their relationship is not relieved to the public due to privacy concerns, it is speculated that they are together for more than five years. They are often spotted traveling together during vacations.

Looking at how pure their connection is and the special bond they both share, it is evident that Ben Rosenthal, Monica Horan’s son, has always supported his girlfriend in achieving her dreams.

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