Who Is Naadei Lyonnais Conjointe? Relationship Timeline

Who is Naadei Lyonnais conjointe (spouse)? Naadei Lyonnais, known for her appearance on “Occupation Double,” has taken on the role of host for a new romantic reality show called “The Island of Love.” 

Naadei is a renowned figure in the entertainment industry, recognized for her notable contributions to various projects. From her captivating performances to her engaging on-screen presence, Naadei has left an indelible mark on the world of music and television.

Apart from being a familiar face in reality shows, she is also a well-gifted and determined singer. Moreover, the jack of all trades gained heights when she was the host of the well-known ITVX show’s Love Island.

The well-known French rapper Booba introduced the Montreal-based Canadian singer and songwriter Naadei Lyonnais. Her exposure on the internet has got fans wondering about Naadei Lyonnais’ conjointe (spouse).

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Who Is Naadei Lyonnais Conjointe?

Naadei Lyonnais conjointe was Patrick Chartouny. However, the former competitors of the reality TV program “Occupation Double,” the two recently made it known that their romance has ended, and they are now best friends.

Since leaving the program, the pair had kept their relationship a secret to give themselves time to get used to life outside reality TV. They finally understood that their relationship had developed into a close friendship rather than a love one.

Through her Instagram, Naadei expressed her gratitude to Patrick for their six months together, highlighting his strength, sweetness, and geekiness.

She appreciated the generosity of his family and emphasized that they had shared many laughter-filled moments.

Naadei Lyonnais Conjointe
The couple’s decision has created a mixed decision among their fans. (Source: Instagram)

Naadei described Patrick as the best and thanked him for his righteousness, respect, and balance in their relationship. She acknowledged that they were both smart enough to maintain a friendship and wished each other love, even if it wasn’t with each other.

The host expressed confidence that Patrick would bring happiness to the right person when he found it. Patrick, using a poetic metaphor, compared their relationship to railway tracks. He explained that while the rails are identical and necessary for each other, their paths never cross.

Despite this, they have been there for each other, and he emphasized their unwavering support. Patrick thanked everyone for respecting their decision and expressed gratitude for the love and support they had received.

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Naadei Lyonnais Relationship Timeline

Naadei and Lyonnais started dating in August 2020. But their union was short-lived, and the couple separated their paths on February 2021.

Naadei and Patrick appreciated the fans who defended them against online trolls and protected their moments. They thanked their supporters and encouraged kindness and authenticity toward others.

Talking about the present, both of the former couples have not addressed anything regarding their current partner. It seems both have not found anyone and are probably single.

Naadei Lyonnais Conjointe
Naadei Lyonnais with the narrator of Love Island, Mehdi Bousaidan. (Source: Instagram)

Upon asking about her future, Naadei revealed that she doesn’t have a clear plan for her future career. She enjoys trying new things and expresses uncertainty about whether she sees herself pursuing a long-term career in television.

She even admits that her lack of plans stresses her parents. As for “The Island of Love,” she is unsure if she hopes the show will continue beyond the first season.

Naadei initially had reservations about participating in reality TV but eventually changed her mind and found the experience to be a beautiful lesson.

She admitted to having prejudices about television and believed there were more productive ways to spend her time. However, her perception shifted after her own participation in “Occupation Double.”

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